To pull or not to pull...?

I am a mostly F2P player, but splurged on VIP this month as well as a few of the $2 Atlantis special. So now I have close to 400 Atlantis tokens and almost 3000 gems. I was thinking about doing a 10 pull on the Atlantis Summon, but now I’m questioning if I should save for an Event instead, as I already have Wilbur, 2 Amoennas, Gadeirus, Danzaburo, Gobbler, 2 Namahages and 2 Mnesseuses. And 4 pulls from tokens will be pretty legit. I dont have a single event hero yet (or a single 5-star hero for that matter). WWYD with 3000 gems?

I really want Tarlak tho! Or Alberich :grin:

Tarlak is… kinda a long shot. :slight_smile:

That said, you could get Proteus from Atlantis (who you don’t have) and IMO, is better than any event 4* hero. I’d roll the dice. Alby and Hel are both fantastic, and I’d put Poseidon in the same category with Joon.

If you’re going to wait, Teltoc does have good 4s and is the next event up, but I think the 5s you can draw from it are all worse than Hel and Alby–who can both be game changers and are on a lot of top defense teams.

Atlantis pull is generally the best and Alby plus Hel as featured HOTM is very attractive. Just be aware that if you choose to pull, getting even one 5 star is very lucky. Only pull if you are content with the possibility of getting nothing you want.

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How are your Titan teams? Guardians has Falcon, Jackal and Panther which if you don’t have will boost your Titan scores.

It is highly unlikely you will pull Tarlak.

Yes I know chances of pulling any 5* are low, but a man can dream, can he not? :upside_down_face: (I have 20 4* and 0 5*, so yeah, definately know how this goes lol). Think I’m gonna go for the Atlantis. Thanks for the inputs!

Nice. That being said you might get lucky! I sure hope you do


Thanks for the encouragement!


20 questions

On the other hand…When I first started my first 10x pull was from Holy…I got Leo and Wu Kong…Gotta love those increased odds.

A 10-pull has very low probability of producing anything you’d like from Atlantis. Basically, Triton, Proteus and the 5* are the only things you’re pulling for.

In contrast, G. Jackal and G. Falcon are a huge boost to what you have now, and your chances are not awful of getting one with a 10-pull. I’d wait for Teltoc if I were in your shoes.

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I did it, went for the Atlantis! It was all in all a pretty good haul. Pretty stoked about it! Heres what I got:

Very first token pull: Boom. Sartana!
Rest of tokens were 3* atlantis heros

10 pull got me: Kiril, a 2nd Gobbler, Sumitomo annnd boom. Frida! :star_struck:

Thanks for all the input!


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