Tyr or Santa


Once again I am asking for your help. I was decided to ascend Tyr, for which I need last rings which are 4 stages of Advanced X-Mas event from me. But, X-Mas being nice this time (and having better probs), Santa decided to join my team. Hell, both are even white-bearded guys, except one has gift sack and the other has cybernetic adamantite claw.

My roster:

:five: 5* Full:
:red_square: Red: Elena, Natalya, QoH, Guardian Kong, Vanda
:blue_square: Blue: Magni, Miki, Vela, Skadi, Krampus (not 4/80 yet but last ascension complete)
:green_square: Green: Gregorion, Kadilen, Heimdall, Lianna
:yellow_square: Yellow: Ranvir, C-Vivica, Sif, Norns, Roc
:purple_square: Purple: Sartana, Victor, Clarissa, Marie-Thérèse, Kageburado, Ursena, Seshat

:four: 4* Full:
:red_square: Red: C-Boldtusk, Guardian Falcon, Wilbur, Sumle
:blue_square: Blue: C-Kiril, C-Sonya, Mireweave, Triton, Jott
:green_square: Green: Hansel, Gadeirus, C-Gandalf, Brynhild, C-Caedmon, C-Kasshrek, Almur
:yellow_square: Yellow: Wu Kong, Guardian Jackal, Gretel, Mist, Gullinbursti, Lady Woolerton
:purple_square: Purple: Rigard, Proteus x2, Cheshire Cat, Merlin, C-Tiburtus, Fura, Sabina

I also have JF, Noor, Marjana and Reuben in my possession, but don’t prefer any of those above Tyr/Santa.

So whom should I ascend? Tyr or Santa? Tyr takes forever to kill, especially with talents. Santa on the other hand is slow, but when he fires it’s a problem (not Alfrike-level problem, but still).

I like Tyr personally only because I run across him more and he has that ability to be the “last man standing!” His attack, heal and resurrect ability makes him very, very tough to face. I don’t run into Santa enough to really have an opinion one way or another. He is a A-rated hero which in itself says a lot. But there are a lot of A-rated and +A-rated heros in the Red ranks. I guess it would depend on your roster.

In your case, I would ultimately level them both over time. I feel that Tyr has an edge and should be prioritized first followed close behind by Santa. If you get something better down the road as the S3 and S4 heros come out, you can always reassess your roster at that time. IMO

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Tyr as he is good, I think you woukd use him more than santa.

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I have santa +18 but rarely use him. I thought he was good, but no, his slowness has no place except on certain occasion.

Tyr is more versatile in every area. I will choose tyr if i were you


Ok, thank you all. I will stick with initial plan then: Tyr then Santa if something better won’t appear.

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I have tyr and he is only on my defence as wing.

I dont find him so much usefull in attack cause i prefer wilbur,falcon,cBT,scarlet, and sumle.

Personally i would ascend marjanna first (which is ast 3.70), al ot depends on your emblems too, can you emblem tyr or santa?

And keep in mind new war format - santa with 11 lv mana troop is devastating.

Tyr is good wing in defence especially with atk up or healing wars- weaker enemies wont be able to kill him-hilariuos to check score when he was standing alone on wing and attacked 2 or 3 times by 5,6 flag of weaker enemies and wiped them

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Marjana is, IMO, better than both Santa and Tyr, especially with your roster. I have all three, both Marjana and Tyr are maxed with +18 emblems and I find Marjana more reliable, especially with Equalizer raids. Whomever you choose, good luck to you, but Marjana is the way I’d go, then Tyr.


Thanks. I will still go with Tyr most likely. I don’t really like Marjana, as she seems to be weakest from S1 5* snipers. Tyr hits for less but has his revive and is fighter. Also, I don’t have Fighter project currently, while for Rogue I emblem Sif and for Monk I emblem Skadi.

I will see. Either way now the priority is to finish Krampus.

Don’t forget his self healing also :wink: I just gave him my last 6 rings a week ago. Had to do Black Knight first as I simply use him a lot more then Tyr but both are great.

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I would go for Tyr aswell seeing your other red already maxed. Santa will be good for later aswell, you need a fast hero atm.

I use Tyr (emblems) in offense and sometimes I use him in War instead of my JF+20 and got better results. Tyr helped me a lot in raids because sometimes I have a bad start and keep I manage to keep him alive with the resurrection and can sometimes kill 4 remaining heroes just by himself with the heal resurrection and damage. His snipe is lesser than others sniper that’s the only bad thing.

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Problem is that he is kinda useless on offence because he doesnt really kill anything when it matters and hin being able to survive doesnt do much 9 of 10 times.
Most important is to have fun so chose as you wish, it doesnt matter in long run


I would wait… until you see your luck this month’s Masquerade event (the event where all S1 heroes finally get their costumes, hopefully). You may pull Marjana’s costume using free keys or in a single pull, or a x10 pull, who knows? RNG is RNG. With costume, Marjana’s stats would increase at least by 5% and the costume version is a far better Guardian Falcon by reason of fast mana and far better damaging output. I have 27 rings (28th would be from free POV) waiting for better heroes to add to my 7 maxed fire legendaries as I am acquiring a taste of hatred maxing dupes (I already maxed a second Gravemaker and I detest the idea of maxing a third; 2nd Mitsuko is also waving at me saying hello) but hesitant to ascend my 3/70 Marjana and 3/70 Khagan (until my luck turns this month as I failed to get Black Knight this Avalon and not really impressed by Puss in Boots, Queen of Hearts, Red Hood; been salivating to get Gefjon), forcing me to level my 1st Reuben up to 3/70.

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I love tyr , whilst doesn’t hit like a truck , he is one card that can single hand can win you matches . The amount of times he has been last man standing and the revive and heal wins the match against 2 or more remaining enemies has been gold

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Thanks all.

I finally sticked with this plan … except now I learned new costumes will be out only in January. Anyway, I think I will wait until ninjas and costumes end this month (don’t plan to do a lot pulls in Valhalla this time). If nothing drops (mostly Garnet or C-Azlar) then I will do Tyr. Though I admit in this war Santa would be useful.

I am really wondering why some players attest to Santa’s usefulness. He is slow, his minions only take time when attacking titans and he doesnt have good attack stat and he hits very little damage and debuffs enemy attack. I’d rather bring Wilbur, relatively easier to summon, max and emblem. The fisherman not only buffs defense and shares damage with allies, he also make the enemy share damage but are dealt with -44% defense, same with Santa.

I said in this war, where everyone is very fast. :wink: Plus I have Krampus so they would boost their minions, which would make harder to destroy them by Skadi.

Santa with odin and misandra, heimy and freya :slight_smile: mana/minion/attack def boost

Well, if you have tons of rings and no better reds to level, yeah I would agree on that, now with Krampus and especially if you have Mother North. But if for tanking purpose only, there are better reds out there that will not only excel in very fast raid tourneys and wars but almost in all scenario, i.e. Garnet, Black Knight, etc. You’re better with that kind of investment of rings, etc.

I would love to face that defense, for sure. Sadly, I haven’t seen that defense in mid and upper diamond. But if I did, it didn’t made an impression like with the former GTV trio and the current Frigg - Black Knight or Garnet - costumed Kadilen or Poseidon that is a slowly emerging defensive meta.

Since I lack AoE red heroes to pair with Wilbur, I generally prefer Santa on offense. Santa>Marjana really hurts. Wilbur>Marjana not so much.

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