Time for another poll... SANTA. Worth the rings?

For reference, I only have one other 5* red (Marjana), and she’s already finished. I have enough rings to ascend another red, but Santa is the only other red legendary in my “rooster”. Should he get the rings, or should I save them for now in case something better comes along later?

  • Finish Santa
  • Wait for something better

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Getting anything better than santa can take a while, if you aint some heavy spender ofc.
I would max him without any regrets.

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Not a heavy spender, no. Wish I could afford every hero in the game, but nope. Too rich for my blood. :grin:

Just to be clear… your opinion is that Santa is definitively better than Elena, Azlar, and Khagan? I just want to make sure before I spend the rings, since it might be a while before I’m able to accumulate 6 more.

Yes yes yes. I have them all ascended and use Santa the most.

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I love santa. The defense down clashes with a lot of other heroes I have and the slow mana is trying. However, he’s tough for the enemy to take down and those minions are super helpful.

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I first voted no just because in current meta slow heroes are really far behind.

But I quickly changed the vote.

He is superior to all the legendary classic red heroes (cross Marjana out, it’s apples vs oranges with her), no doubts. Better than some of the HotMs and event heroes also. Red just lacks good fire power, and as others outlined, there are hardly any chances for a good red hero to be pulled until July when fingers crossed we are getting someone decent.

He won’t be gamechanger against your Telluria battles - if you have a board decent enough to charge a slow hero under Telluria, then likely with any other hero you’d be already winning. But he will help elsewhere.

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Actually I forgot about GM in a week. So if you plan to pull on Atlantis, maybe pause your decision for a while, maybe you get lucky there!


I have been saving up gems for Atlantis, but I’ll only be able to do a few pulls there. Extremely unlikely I’ll be lucky enough to get a GM, but that would be awesome.

My Santa’s not at 3/70 yet anyway, so I still have time. Just wanted to get a feel how the community felt about Santa overall, because I haven’t personally used him for much yet outside of color stacks.

Thanks for the answers all!

Wait a little while longer. Just to see if you get GM.
Good luck

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Yeah GM would be sweet… and Santa still has a little ways to go before reaching ascension point. So I’ll wait until after the next round of events come and go before spending the rings.

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