Khagan or Santa?

Hi, need your help. I will soon have 6 rings and 2 reds. I don’t know which one to ascend. Santa or Khagan? Mind you, I have Telluria so I’m set with minions so i kinda leaning towards Khagan.
My team now - Vela/Sonya costume, Gormek, Telluria, Sabina and Poseidon. Much obliged :slight_smile:

Santa or neither in my opinion

@TheChef uses santa regularly and can fill ya in on how and why he uses him

Santa’s ability and stats trump khagans regardless though imo

Slow heroes givin a mana boost= unnecessary after you already filled every other hero by the time you charge khagan

The damage is meh and the defense for nearby isn’t as good as vivicas

Santas minions are similar to a defense buff but applied to all and they do damage + protect their heroes

He lowers attack & defense

Etc etc


I wouldn’t consider khagan until you see how his costume comes out, but even then i doubt it puts him on par with other paywall heroes like Santa for example

Even after s1 heroes have costumes, their paywall doppelgangers are still better

Alasie > lianna
Ursena > quintus
Any green > horghall
Kunchen > vivica

Etc etc etc


With slow heroes becoming kinda obsolete (unfortunately), I only use Santa on green Titans anymore @Rigs. Haven’t used Santa in war or raids for months.

So unless you need a solid, sturdy defense/attack down hero, I would keep the rings.


Yea i actually expected that. And i don’t see myself maxing more slows either. The slow reds i have maxed just get tossed in for their high tile damage(elena & azlar), i don’t actually expect to use their specials. If i do get to use their specials, it’s nice but typically doesn’t happen


Thanks for your replies. I guess I’ll wait for better deal then. Although, I must say, came across Khagan few times in raids and he does quite a damage. Plus mana boost and defense buff. Would be a great substitute for Gormek.

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Just about anything is a good sub for gormek…

Can you post screenshots of your hero collection?

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In my honest opinion, I would hold of for three months and see if you pull a better red five star.
After that you play with what you got and of the two it would have to be Santa for me
Good luck


Since you have Vela and Telluria, I’m guessing you spend at least some $$$ on summons. If that’s the case, wait ~4 weeks until May Atlantis and take a shot at pulling Gravemaker. Also, the May HOTM (Clarissa) looks like a purple Gravemaker. FWIW, I don’t have Khagan, but if I did, he’d be sitting on my bench at 1/1 just like the Santa I pulled last December.


I agreed with everything until this :joy:

For the same number of emblems…
Lianna >Alasie - costume bonus puts stats higher, damage on vanilla is way higher, damage on costume and mana drag are both better… The only way Alasie beats costume Lianna is her class IMHO.

Ursena > Quintus agreed… Mok or Killhare also swing it IMHO.

Horg costume vs… Atomos? Margaret? Most good paid hero’s sure, but there are some that costume Horg beats.

Kunch>Vivica agreed…


Santa or nothing. I wouldn’t even ascend Khagan unless you are free to play. Khagan is an OK tank, Santa is a better red tank. Like others said, I would hold off ascending even Santa until I had 12 rings or your alliance fields red tanks.


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