Tyr or Jean Francois?

Here are my current fire hero’s.
I also have Azlar, Khagan, Jean Francois, and Grazul all at 3/70.

I just pulled Tyr today.

I have the mats to level, who should go first?


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Tyr is what Jean was supposed to be, a maximum overpowered almost non beatable super hero.

But you may ascend Jean. :wink:


Tyr, no question. Jean-F. Has been overnerfed.



JF seems to be weak currently.
Tyr has insane stats, emblem revice, special revive and hp regen. He is hard to kill.

Tyr’s DoT also stacks with GM’s burn, JF and GM overwrite one another. Therefore just on that one criteria alone, Tyr wins.

JF protects the team with defense up and the defense down reversal. Tyr is bit more of a solo star that refuses to die.

I like JF and stand up for him but think Tyr brings more to your team.


Tyr, let jf collect dust next to mok arr, atomos, and margaret in the “what could have been” area in your roster and hope they are accepted in the hero academy. Tyr all the way.


Answer is Tyr, because you have Gravemaker and Marjana already. There’s a lot of burns in red, and Tyr’s the only red hero that has a different kind of DoT to stack with burns.

But I would max G. Falcon first personally, before any other red 5*.

Tyr’s only downside is dealing damage with his skill – he can buy you a lot of turns surviving, but he actually doesn’t hit much harder than Caedmon. So G. Falcon can support him nicely when it comes to skill damage.


@Olmor do you still think this is the case now? tyr is not OP at all.

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But better than Jean.
Tyr on wing can be hardcore.
Jean isn’t at any position.

@Olmor So close to a haiku!


tbh Puss in Boots :slight_smile:

Pleas help. I am setting new defense and cannot decide, which red ro level up.
My plan is:
Finley - RED - Telluria - Vela - C. Joon
RED - Ursena - Telluria - Vela - C. Joon

For RED position, I have J-F and Tyr but cannot decide which one fits better.
Any advice?
Thank you very much.

I would go with J-F, his Dot + Vela’s Dot can hurt pretty bad.

And also I prefer the Finley setup. He’s one of the strongest hero of this game, in my opinion.


This with Jean-François

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In my honest opinion, I would flank Telluria with both Vela and Jean-Francois
Good luck

Thanks to you all for the sugestions :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have both Tyr and JF and with Telluria JF is the best option. It’s not only about the DoT, but his flip special that turn Def Debuff into Def Buff for the whole team. Plus, he protects the whole team against ice when he fires.

I prefer tyr is a machine! Good luck with the praise

I currently use Kingston on my wing so I won’t have the emblems to share with Tyr but idk how useful Jean really is on D. (I don’t have Telluria which seems to pair well with him)

Any ideas here?

I usually run:

Kingston - Ursena/Hel - Guin - Vela - Seshat/Hel

I also have Drake, Joon, Anzogh, and Grazul (Just naming some maxed 5*s that seem relevant and if you have any further advice I’d appreciate it)

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