Gefjon or tyr?

Which one would you ascend and why? Personally I’m leaning towards Tyr, but would love to hear some other opinions!

Gefjon I think. Haven’t faced her yet, but that damage is almost sure to put a hero in the grave. Tyr is very annoying but he doesn’t bother me as much as cJoon. Tyr’s special can be dispelled too.

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Gefjon. Tyr is average all around. He survives but does weak damage and can generally be ignored when attacking him on a defense. Gefjon is a killer.

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I’d say Gefjon hands down. Normally I’d ask which fire heroes you already have or if you have/plan on using emblems for one… but I’d say gefjon wins in almost every situation. Tyr needs a lot of smart support heroes To shine, gefjon just gets the job done.

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What about gefjon verses seshat? I feel like seshat always wins in that debate.

Red > purple in today’s tank landscape
500 > 400
Minion steal > replicator minion in today’s minion and minion counter rich landscape (noor, Grimble, vera are counters to seshat and now - gefjon too)
Dispel > nothing
Elemental link and innate resistance > nothing

Imo that makes it 3 to 2 in favour of gefjon. But I can see that opinions will differ on this one

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Finally someone else who doesn’t think Tyr is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I’ve pulled him a while ago and really really wanted to like him, but my experience using him on offense at 3.70, and facing him in raids/war, is exactly like you say… his damage is too weak which imho makes his other very good qualities just not matter so much. I do generally ignore him until I’m ready to kill him. I do not understand his A+ rating.

One exception recently, where an enemy Tyr had an attack stat over 1000… must’ve been heavily emblemed with attack focus, and there was a level 25 mana troop. That one did take out my Elena, first time ever a Tyr did serious damage to me. A lot better than usual on that occasion, but still not quite enough for an A+ rating I would say.

So my vote in the Gefjon vs Tyr question, I have no experience with Gefjon but if I pulled her I would go with her before Tyr without hesitation.

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I guess Tyr is A+ for his versatility. He can finish off heroes which were hitted with AoE/DoT before. He is very durable with his double revive, heals himself, cleans himself after dying, deals DoT and initial damage, deals damage when he dies. On top he has a 60% chance to pierce through defense skills (Ranger talent is 25%).

Its not a single part of his special it is the overall package. Gefjon is more straight forward and her value is obvious like it is on Lianna.

I would classify Tyr as a strategic sniper, while gefjon is a killer. In his category as a stratrgic sniper he is imo one of the best.


I won many battles with Tyr vs 3 remaining heroes. I am not surprised he is A+ rank. Dont forget he is fighter class which 100% corresponds with his abilities.

Gefjon damage is great + her minion steal is good option in current minion meta.

I cant say which one is better. Both worth levelling for sure.


I agree with both you and @Rduke77. I don’t have Tyr myself but have faced him in defense on numerous occasions and he is almost always safely left until last where he is annoying to finish off but is zero threat. His damage output - to a single target - is just too low to be threatening, without doing any secondary abilities that have strategic benefit (like Zocc or Malosi do, and who have similar damage output).

Would he be different in offense? Probably a bit, but the core mechanic is the same. Generally you don’t just want a hero who has extremely high survivability unless he can use that to help keep the rest of the team alive, or who can devastate the enemy. I am sure Tyr can get lucky with a good finishing board and lucky revives and pull out a victory in the end, but you can’t rely on that all the time.

I can’t see any scenario where he would be considered more beneficial than Gefjon

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I think its better to listen what Tyr owners say. I dont know anybody who regrets maxing him.

Someone said he needs support around him :joy::joy::joy:

As said before I dont know who is better. Tyr is awesome for sure.


Probably A MASSIVE bit.

He’s incredible on offense. Won me sooooooo many wars against much stronger opposition, and has been last hero standing plenty of times.


What?! Given the choice of Tyr or sliced bread, I’ll take the sandwich made from 100% Valhallan beefcake every time.

I can’t comment on gefjon, but this is a win-win situation.

Tyr is not great on defence but is brilliant on attack - he has resurrection, damage, bleed, penetrate, self heal and cleanse.

Yer, he’s not a one-shot sniper, but he’s got so much else going on for an attacker that it doesn’t bother me.

He stacks with fire dot too and beats teams on his own.

I love him :heart::heart::heart:


I don’t have Gefjon, but I have a significant amount of experience with Tyr. I will say that video is extraordinarily accurate for Tyr on offense. There have been far too many times to count where Tyr will take out 3-4 heroes on his own even with bad starting boards and win me a raid or alliance war flag.

A huge sniper is everyone’s dream if the sniper goes off in a timely fashion. However, Tyr revives, heals, has DOT, bypasses, etc.

I would go with Tyr all day long


Gefjon is good all-rounder for attack and defense. Tyr is awesome on attack but om defense he’s terrible (Kage slices him and his revive in half). So if you want to spec in attack go with Tyr.


I have experienced raids where my Tyr resurrected 5-6 times from his skills and talent that’s absolutely awesome! When last hero standing can finish 2-3 opponent heroes the feeling is amazing! He is definitely my OP hero


i think both are offensive heroes rather than defensive. Gefjon is good where she can steal a minnion otherwise Lianna is better than her. Tyr’s hit is not a big pain, agreed. but he heals himself, revives. i think he is more useful and has more durability than her.

i would pick Tyr. not every new hero means they are better than the earlier released ones. GM is still on the top for reds after so much time he has been released.

who ever you choose, have fun and good luck

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I dont think it’s quite as cut and dried as some of the replies are and think it depends a lot on play style.

I dont think either are great from a defence standpoint so looking from an offensive point of view only.

If you are playing mono or using as part of the main stack I’d go with Gefjon or if the person you are attacking is minion heavy.

However, I think Tyr works great on attack as part of an off colour support. Sure his revive etc can be dispelled but so can lots of things, and the number of debuffers on defence teams percentage wise I dont think is huge.

Yep. He’s also good if you like taking a heal-3 hero like bryhild or zulag as Tyr will heal himself and can be left at the end of the line


Frankly i dont understand all the noise and cymbals around Gravemaker. Is he an excelent hero? Indeed… but otherwise i think i would pick other reds before him in offense

Mitsuko(depending the opponent)
Lady loki

I wont discuss the efectiveness of GM in defense in certain setups like GTV but luckily we have many options nowadays in red to live without gravie

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