Typically ascension / defense team help thread

I currently love my defense team and it has been doing wonders for my raid score

Finley - MarieTherese - Guin - Frida - Marjana

Recently I just got Santa and brought him up to 3-70. I am about to get my 6th rings on the next Mount Umber with plenty of dblades and tomes to go around.

Do you think Santa is worth the rings and take a spot on my team? If so, where?

If not, do you think my other red 5* heroes have a chance? I also have Grazul and Khagan.

I’m also at 5 darts and my holy 5* heroes are Vivica, Inari, and Leo.

I have a ■■■■ TON of tonics but only Margaret and Kadilen lololololol

I have recently used the 4* mats in other colors to where it’ll be a ■■■■ year before thinking ascending hero in that color haha :sob:

Do you think any of these heroes have a reasonable shot at being ascended and making my defense team? The only one i can think that may stand a fighting chance is Santa. But I’m cautious because he is slow and he’d have to flank Guin, but MarieTherese flanks guin and i don’t want them both to be flanks. Though i have the necessary mana boosts to make MarieTherese average speed but not the boost to do anything to Santa’s speed.

Should I just hold off and pray that I get Jean-Francois like everyone else?

Here is my roster for visual reference. Thank you for any help you may be able to give!!

Ok so personally:

I think that Grazul is more versatile & useful than Santa is. First off, she’s Very Fast Mana & a healer & has the status effect block. Santa on the other hand is Slow, has a relatively small Damage. His main benefit is the attack & defence down which isn’t the be-all-and-end-all (nor massively game changing IMO).

Either Margaret or Kadilen have uses. Neither are massively strong on defence but from the looks of things you don’t really need anything for your defence team.
Margaret would be my pick of the two seeing as she’s got a MASSIVE attack stat so you can take her to town verse titans.

Again, depends what you need. If you need Titan damage, I would go Inari. Her attack stat is pretty epic so does heaps of tile damage. If you need a general purpose Healer (& may get a costume) vivica is your girl. If you need a sniper then Leo is your boi.
Hint with Inari, if you take her to titans avoid using her special skill :stuck_out_tongue: the minions just slow down the proceedings & may cause you to lose some time,

RE Defence Team, what you have set is pretty well the best of what you got available. Only change might be to swap the double Blue for Dual Purples flanking Guin. Whether that is Rigard or Domitia idk (I’d probably lean towards Costumed Rigard with emblems). IN that case I would run:
Finley, MT, Guin, Costume Rigard, Marjana

RE This, I guess it comes back to how much you’re going to spend… If you’re going to spend up big, probably yes, wait. If you’re a C2P or F2P I would be more tempted to simply level what you got…

I love Santa personally, but he’s only useful as a tank on defense. The slow mana and lower damage is a Killer beyond that. If I had Guin, Santa wouldn’t be in my defense at all.

I have maxed Kadilen with emblems and like her as well, she’s serviceable on defense if you want to go rainbow but probably won’t increase your cups much over current.

Double purple flanks on Guin like @guvnor suggested can be extremely effective if you want to try something different.

Thank you both for your responses.

I love my current defense team and my biggest concerns where for Grazul and Santa as I think they are my next best 5*s unascended. I’d love to ascend Magni to but I have 0 scopes after Finley.

Grazul is wonderful, truly, but with Marie-Therese and Guin, she is not the role I am looking for. Santa has potential, but I wish he did his buffs first and then hit, because with hitting first, he is just weak and slow.

I have never been big on the titan aspect of the game, I like the competitive strategy of raids because I like my best team facing others’ best teams. So heroes like Margaret and Inari with huge attack stats are meh for me since their abilities lack at higher levels of raid play.

I think I am content at the moment and just going to hold off and hoard my 4* mats until I get someone I really like. Its not like I am desperate to ascend anyone right now since I am pleased with my current team.

Thank you again for both of your insights!

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