Help me set my defense team

Hello everyone,

I would very much appreciate your input on how I should set my raid defense team.

Currently I’m going with (from left to right):

Lianna - Mitsuko - Aegir - Kunchen - Joon

Here are my other fully ascended 5* heroes:

Yellow: Delilah

Blue: Richard

Green: Kadilen

Purple: Khiona

Should I switch one (or more) for another / does the placement seems ok to you?

Bonus question: who should I ascend next?

Yellow: Justice / Vivica / a second Joon?

Blue: Isarnia / Thorne?

Purple: Aeron / Domitia / Quintus?

Red: Azlar or wait for a better one?

Do any of these non ascended heroes would improve my defense?

Thx in advance

I think your defense looks fine.

Regarding the bonus question, I’d say:

Yellow - tough. You have Delilah so probably not Viv. I prefer no duplicates at 5* as I like diversity. So I hedgingly say Justice, at least to 3.70. Or try for ranvir.

Blue - you have hitters so no Thorne. Kunchen also does defense down, but without the hit. Go Isarnia.

Purple - you have kunchen so don’t see Aeron. I haven’t used quintus but he’s. It looked at fondly. By default, domitia. I have her with emblems.

Red - I like to play what I have. If you pull, maybe wait. At least go to 3.70. If you have lots of rings, why not? I’ve collected 33 tabards. Got tired of waiting. Ascended domitia and obakan. Still have 21 (not I’d didn’t have 33 at the same time, but I easily have more tabards than anything else). Next highest is about 10 less. I’m hoping for Seshat!

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