Please help in creating the defensive team

Hi! Can anyone help me build a better defensive team? I’ll attach my roaster and my current (temporary) team.

Thank you! :smiley:


Thorne is your best tank. The costumed Rigard can boost the attack of Azlar and Kadilen and make them hit harder.

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I’mma piggyback on this post instead of starting a new thread.

My current defense team: Mother North(2)-Isarnia-Sartana(2)-Santa Claus-Vivica
I did a lot of reading on the forum and everyone says Santa is a great tank, but when I used him I consistently lost when attacked and dropped down to around 2200 trophies. After switching places between him and Sartana, it seems to be easier to stay above 2400.

I have two more maxed-out 5-stars: Anzogh(2) and Onatel(3) - I have a bunch of reset tokens, so I could transfer the emblems effortlessly once I find the optimal team.

I also have a bunch of maxed-out 4-stars that I’ve emblemed to various levels, but I’m assuming they’re not relevant against five-star heroes. If they are, I can screenshot and post my full roster.

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

I can’t see the benefit of having 2 healers on Def.
I find it hardest to play against 3-4 snipers.

I’d use Anzogh on tank, flanked by insarnia and Onatel, and wings Mother and Sartana.

I use Marjana, Ariel, Ursena, Joon, Kingston everyone between 5 and 6 emblems and 4* troops lvl 11 and 12.
They keep me between 2500-2600 trophies.
I haven’t been below 2400 since putting this team.

I agree with you, and I’d change Kadilen for Lianna once ready.
That should make a really good defence.

But I don’t like Azlar on defence. I rarely have issue with him firing his special.
Marjana would be much better on that flank once maxed.

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Thank you everyone for answering. I have everything ready to max Marjana (including 5-600 heroes in my training camps) and for Lianna I only need a tonic, so it’ll be ready soon enough.

I agree with all of you that Azlar is not meant for defensive. However, on offensive I play Boldtusk - Wilbur - Azlar and when all of them fire, the enemy team is not happy at all. That’s the reason why I’ve invested into Azlar’s talent grid. 480 DoT for all the enemies is huge, not to mention 350-600 per enemy, initial damage.

I’ll update the thread in 7-14 days with the final team and some insights / results.

P.S. The final version will be: Leo-Rigard-Thorne-Marjana-Lianna. I have some emblems ready for Lianna and soon enough also for Marjana.

Thank you all, once again! :heart:

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I wouldn’t place Vivica in the corner and Sartana is not designed to be a tank.

I agree with @FearFury about the positioning, but I would tank with Santa.


This gives you a dangerous tank, opposite color flanks including healer, limited fast dispeller to the left and a fast utility hero to the right.

You roster is not very fast so Marjana should have a high priority to get maxed.

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Thanks - I have Domitia, Leonidas, and Marjana waiting for ascension mats. Will they be better on defense than Isarnia, for example, who shares the damage?

Different colour, so can’t realy compare to those heroes. They are all good on D team.
Insarnia is a blue beast, so you can’t go wrong with her as your blue option. Especially if she is your only 5* blue option.

Isarnia is actually quite a dangerous tank.
To me she is better than Azlar.
You can flank her with Boldtusk and Azlars and with Domitia on the left and Kadilen on the right wing your cups should be between 23 and 24 k at least.

Insarnia, Azlar, Elena, no costumes, are ok for a tank, but only if a board is ■■■■■■.
Isarnia and Elena with Costumes, different story.

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