Advice for my defense Team

Hey there,

would be nice to get some advice on possible defense team i can create from my roster!

This is my Def. Team so far, it keeps me in Diamond without any big problems.

The problem is, i know Mitsuko and Ursena overlap their “reflection” from special attack and i don’t really have snipers in it… that’s why it would be nice to get some advice from other players with experiance.

My optional 5* heroes are:
Blue: Aegir
Yellow: Neith, Vivica, Joon
Red: Elena, Grazul, Santa, Azlar
Purple: Domitia, Sartana, Grimble
Green: Kingston, Lianna, Elkannen, Kadilen


In honesty the only change I might suggest is to put Sartana on instead of Mitsuko.

Not really much else lol

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sounds decent! how about switching Alby with Kingston?
Alby is awesome for sure but facing him in a raid is not really a problem most of the time.

Try it and see what happens :slight_smile:

General consensus would be to keep Alby.

Personally I don’t lose any more battles that have a reviver on the defence team. If anything I record more wins against those teams… But that’s just me

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Swap Ursena and Mitsuko’s positions or put Santa Claus as your red.

would be very nice if you explain me why, i mean the swap.

(sorry for double post)

Ursena would deal more damage to foes over 50% HP, so she would always cast her special before Misuko… but in the case you would Mitsuko for Santa Claus you would have a very tanky team with plenty of mana control, minions, attack reduction, direct & over time healing and the winning condition of Santa Claus+Ursena with improved chances to fire by Alberich+Ariel and even a chance to resurrect.

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The biggest problem is that you have 3 healers, it’s way too much. I’d replace Ariel. Do you have any other blue heroes you’re working on?

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ah okay, understand! i swap them and see whats happening. i will try santa as well and see how this team rolls! thank you! :slight_smile:

unfortunately not… Aegir is the only 5* blue i have as an option…
i know this team is very heavy on healers thats why i think it would be good to change Alby with Kingston.

something like this: Ariel, Ursena, Guin, Mitsuko/Santa, Kingston

Alby is better than Kingston on defence, imo.

Maybe put Sartana in, as Guvnor suggested so Alby-Ursena-Guin-Mitsuko/Azlar-Sartana.
It’s not a rainbow team but may be better.

yeah, Alby should stay, but if you take a look at the leaderboard you will see a lot of teams with Kingston and he is one of my best snipers so far.

i swaped Ursena and Mitsuko for now, to see whats happening. i’ll test it a week and after that i’m going to use santa for a week. i might change Albi and Kingston with the same combinations and test it!

I would go Kingston, Mits, Guin, Urs, Lianna.

The best thing to do is just move stuff around and see where you are averaging for a week and repeat.

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sounds pretty interesting! would be two hard hitters on the corners and some tough aoe tanks in the middle! but i just have one green mana troop on level 14 and one crit on level 3. (have more green mana tropps but all at level 1).

Like I said, give it a go and see what happens…heck try everyone’s line up and find the best.

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okay, Sir! thanks for the advice :smiley:

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