Why uncommon training you get common and uncommon heroes? Makes no sense

If I remember, uncommon training you only get uncommon heroes but now with uncommon training you can get common and uncommon… there a sign to buy apple and I bought it and you say oh that the sign but you can get apple or oranges… wth…

Sometime I think all these tread and stuff written on here is worthless and no body read them…

You remember it wrong, I’m playing almost for 4 years and since I started “train uncommon” was giving common and uncommon heroes.

It even tells you in TC that you can receive common and uncommon heroes.


You’ll get only uncommon heroes from HA3.



( [Play style] Free, 1 day, 5* Hero 1.1 to 4.80 leveling or hoarding finished heroes- Update 1x to 5x 5* 4.80 chart )

Slightly earlier


(Analysis of on-color training (TC5-9) vs common + uncommon training )


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As has been the case for me for close to 3 years now (probably since the inception of the game). Uncommon training gives a straight 50/50 split on 1 stars and 2 stars.

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