The % chances of getting Elite and Legendary Heroes from TC

If I remember correctly, I once read on the internet that the Elite Training has a %5 chance to yield a 4* hero and 95 chance to yield a 3* hero, while the Legendary Training has a %5 chance to yield a 5*, %10 chance to yield a 4* and %85 chance to yield a 3* hero.
I wanted to confirm but I can’t seem to find it again.

Do you think the numbers are like accurate?

P.S.: I did like 20 Elite Trainings and never got an Elite Hero. Although I’ve had a LV20 TC for a while now, I’m yet to try any Legendary Trainings.

Odds have never been officially published, as far as I know.
Based on data collected by players, TC20 have 70% for 3*, 25% for 4* and 5% for a 5*.


I’d say that the percentages can vary on each account. I have done 820 trainings in TC20 and I have received 642 3*, 131 4* and 47 5*.

This means that my percentages are 78% for 3*, 16% for 4* and 6% for 5* heroes.

But usually the expected chances are around 75% for 3*, 20% for 4* and 5% for 5*.


Thanks a lot!
What about Elite Training though? The one that requires 70 recruits. Do you think it’s like %5?

I don’t know what exactly the odds are but I don’t think it’s worth running it once you have a training camp at level 20. TC20 gives you a higher chance of getting a 4* and a chance of getting 5* heroes.

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My 5* percentage was a bare 2% in Dec 2018. It has shifted a bit over time, as I summon more. My updated percentages, from today:


P.S. I think 7% is really high for 5*, and expect to pull more 3* and 4* for a while to see this number drop a bit.


When can I see the Tc20 heroes List? Is there any link to see that? Thanks

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As i have more heroes to be leveled than the needed of getting more 5* i have change my tc 20 today for a TC 11.
As i summon quite often its more likely to get a 5* from portal than from TC 20.(obviously its my particular case see bellow )

I have been running since February non stop and only gave me one 5* and of the color i dont need (Justice).
Then mostly droped me duped 4* and ofc long streaks of 3*.
I will give it another shot in the future.

Overall since February

TC 20: Justice
Portals: Richard , JF, Aeron , Ursena

So , my TC 20 for now is letting place to a tc 11

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Well I’d assume it has a chance to yield any 3*, 4*, 5* Season 1 hero.
i.e.: You have chance to get heroes that appear at the gate of Epic Hero Summon. (The one that cost 300 gems. Non-event.)


This page lists the 4* and 5* heroes avaialble.

You can also get any of the 3* that are available in TC13, listed here (with the 4*).


TC20 grants only Season 1 heroes (3* thru 5*). Basically your regular Epic Hero Summons (not S2 atlantis, not S3, not events like Teltoc, or Wonderland). So, here’s a quick list just of the 5*:

BLUE: Magni, Isarnia, Richard, Thorne

RED: Azlar, Marjana, Elena, Khagan

GREEN: Lianna, Kadilen, Elkanen, Horghall

YELLOW: Joon, Vivica, Leonidas, Justice

PURPLE: Sartana, Quintus, Domitia, Obakan


Actually I do not record all of my TC result. However i can say that from my 2 TC20, i got 30 heroes each month. At least one of them is 5*. Last month I got 2 5* from TC20. So in my case its around 3.3% to 6.6%, which is about right if you compare it to the 5% benchmark

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How do u know how many pulls u have?

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I’m 22/504 for 5* heroes out of TC20. (4.37%)

94/504 for 4* ones. (18.65%)

So I’m slightly below average on epic and legendary out of TC20. Figures, my summoning luck sucks too.

Because I’ve kept track from the very beginning in this thread:

Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

I update every time I get a new hero (expect an edit for Berden later this morning). :wink:

I was just looking through “unread” posts and spied this!! I know the answer to that one! It would be zero right?

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