I have started a second TC20

After more then a year of playing I have 4 x 5 * heros. With only two at full Ascension however only one is good. I have so meany 3* and 4* . So I don’t need anymore and use them as feeders. In hope of getting better 5* I have two TC20 and will start a third one if necessary to get 5*.

Yup. That’s the ticket if you’re F2P or C2P. Just understand that you may go a long time in between 5*.

I have two TC 20’s and have a third up to 19. I run one continuously and utilize the second maybe 20% of the time.

I went from August 5th, 2019 to December 21st, 2019 without drawing a 5* from the training camps. And when I did, it was a duplicate (Isarnia).

Some 4* are well worth having multiples of. Kiril, Boldtusk, perhaps Wu Kong. Pretty much any healer. That way you can color stack multiple times in war against coordinated tanks.

Remember, Empires & Patience.

ETA when I get to the point where I have four TC 20’s, I’ll probably stagger them so I get a pull every 12 hours.


I have 2 TC20 as well, and both are running full time, except for when I needed to manage some timing issues.

I have a 3rd at 19, and I’ve been focusing on other things rather than getting it up to TC 20. I’m not sure I need 3 TC 20, as I have enough 5* heroes to work on for now that aren’t highly leveled, and a decent number of 4*, except in one color. My fourth is 11, and it will likely stay there.

Good luck.

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I stopped using my TC 20 for trying to get Legendary or Epic heroes, instead for a month or 2 I used it only for feeders, like with my others. I got full on food so decided what the hell, and put 2 in the queue for my TC 20 Legendary, and today I collected my first one: JOON!!

Never had him before, he is my first so I was happy. Also my first 5* from any TC.
I have had “enough” 4* (mostly Sonya) from them but he is my very first 5*.

The annoying thing though, is only 3 or 4 days ago I ascended Justice to the max tier, so I only have a couple of orbs and darts now :frowning:


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