[Alliance War] Red tank defence help needed

What do you think - what is the best heroes setup for war defence with red tank with my current heroes ?

I’m usually loosing in 1-2 attacks with Goblins + Quinn setup.

C. Finley ,Darkfeather, Pepperflame, Smarttongue, Oigma

I think that would be the best Def, but your alliance probably shouldn’t be using red tanks. I don’t think there are any viable red tanks.

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Norman would be a good red tank.


Nice heroes, and do’t forget xie!!


I have Xie as well at 1/1 until I’m sure she won’t get hit too hard, so I don’t blame him for not ascending her immediately. I also don’t have another hero to capitalize on her family bonus and from what I see the OP doesn’t either. The main draw to Xie is the family bonus, so if that isn’t there, then what’s the benefit of her alone?

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I have real trouble with cHathor as a tank, but other than that I agree.


I think our red tank is for fun :slight_smile: And it will stay like that :slight_smile:

I agree … Norman or Pepperflame at tank.

I disagree with no viable red tanks. C Hathor, Hornfel and even Ukkonen are still a nuisance.

However in this roster, best choices are imo above

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She is a silent serial killer even alone. It is really nice to see when she finishes half teams from 1500 hp. I use her every time, absolutely competitive at the 3200+ cups zone.
On topic: Agree with King_Kyree77’s setup, good one. :slight_smile: May try to swap Finley/Quinn


Thank you very much for your comments - will see in the next war. But putting Pepperflame between non attack heroes (Darkfeather and Smarttongue) is just wasting attack buff for heroes next to her. Maybe at least Ogima and Smarttongue switch ?