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I need some help with raid defense. Blue should be in mid. My potential heroes are Magni, Thorne and Isarnia. Imo Magni is clearly the best option. Aside from him, I play with Kunchen, Joon, Elena and Sartana. Elena will be substituted by JF when he is maxed. Further options are Khagan, Quintus, Vivica, Grzaul, Kadilen, Ranvir, Horghall, Elkanen, Jusitzia and Domitia but I think these would always make my team worse. Mayb Grazul can be nice to have faster healing, but actually I think all other options would make the team worse. What do you think?

What is your current defense position?
Maybe like this perhaps?
Domitia - Magni - Kunchen - Joon - Kadilen

EDIT: oops, I’m not reading mid blue, so you need blue as tank.
I think Magni is squishy, but great with fast additional buff defense.
So maybe…
Domitia - Elena - Magni - Kadilen - Joon

Why do you need a blue tank for raid defense?

I would consider Thorne to be the best tank out of those, depending on emblem usage though.


For war defence, blue mid makes sense if the whole alliance can do it right… if not, put out your best and it’ll do better.

For raid defence, it makes very little sense - you’ve got a superb A grade tank but refusing to use it because you want to use a B- or C grade blue tank is borderline lunacy.

Of the three, Thorne is by far the most durable - neither Magni nor Isarnia (even with costume bonus!) can ever be considered anything but squishy… Great hero’s but simply not tanks.

Kunchen wing is useless - slow wings rarely fire and when they do it’s 95% of the time too late unless they’re resurrection hero’s. To make matters worse, healers in wings are easily ignored… And then it’s too late for them to change anything (again, unless they resurrect).

Slows need to be flank or tank… Speaking of which:
Isarnia (especially with costume bonus) can actually be pretty decent in flank if the tank is durable and either drops defence or raises attack (I get great results with her flanking a BK tank… She can be nasty on a Kunch tank too).

Elena is super squishy and doesn’t do enough when she does fire - not for defence IMHO.

Joon and Sartana are decent defenders, as is Magni but not at tank…

Once JF is levelled:
Domitia - Kadilen - Kunchen - Magni - Joon.

Dispel can be really useful, hence Domitia over Sartana (though try it both ways and see!!).
Kadilen and Magni are both better flanks than wings and Joon last because he’s a little squishy so best on the wing.

Thanks for you recommendations especially @BubblesUK
Our entire alliance is blue mid and thats precisely the problem. Kunchen is a beast in mid but easy to elminate when the enemy can save their yellows for him :confused:
But playing with Thorne is… you know it’s Thorne :smiley: So, it’s a lose-lose-situation
I’m surprised about the idea to play with Kadilen. She’s not my favourite but maybe I should give her a try.
What do you think about playing with Kiril(20) in mid?

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