Should I max Zim or Ares? (Context matters: I have two maxed GMs already)

Well, the subject line kind of says it all, but I’ll elaborate:

  • Both of my Gravemakers are currently in my defense team, and I don’t anticipate that changing for the foreseeable future. So one of Ares’ main strengths (defense team tank) is probably not a role I’d end up using him in, because who wants three of the same color hero in their defense team? Maybe down the road, once I’ve maxed more 5s in other colors, it won’t be so obvious that having the twin GMs in my D is the right play. (Other maxed 5s currently on my roster are Misandra, who’s currently my raid D tank, Justice, and Sartana, with Khiona and Lianna on their way as well. Future 5*s I’m pretty sure I’ll end up maxing include Drake, Magni, Mother North, and maybe Joon.)

  • So, that being said, I’m anticipating that whichever of Zim or Ares I do end up maxing will primarily be used to fight green titans and in wars. I suppose there are scenarios where I’d use them in raid attacks too, but I’m not really big on mono or two color raid attacks, and I can’t think of too many scenarios where I’d bench one of my GMs for either Zim or Ares in raid attacks either.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!

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In war you could find Zimkitha more useful while she isn’t optimal for titans, where Ares is better.

Ares is still strong for wars and while you can just usehim once you’ll bring him on every green titan: Id ascend Ares.

I use both.

That being said, depends on your pairings.

For defense, I would pick Zim over Ares.
Ares is mainly used for offense or titans.

You might find it odd but I find Zim a little better in the current meta at tank.
Zim is more of an all rounder with fast cleanse and buff. Her special damage is laughable.

Good stuff, thank you!

Thanks for the input! Definitely wouldn’t have guessed someone would say they prefer Zim to Ares at tank! Just goes to show, lots of different ways to play… =-]

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If you’re keeping both GM in defense then you definitely do not want either Zimkitha or Ares on defense. Too much red! I would raise Zim because of her fast cleanse, which is a great help raiding and warring against GM (which are everywhere these days).

“If you’re keeping both GM in defense”

Would you say I should consider doing otherwise?

“I would raise Zim because of her fast cleanse, which is a great help raiding and warring against GM (which are everywhere these days).”

Yeah, that fast cleanse is unique, and I feel would be really useful both in raid attacks and wars (but similar to my defensive lineup conundrum, I’m loathe to bench one of my GMs in raid attacks; I’ve got two red mana troops, both leveled to 11, so six tiles fill up BOTH GMs at once. That’s hard to let go of! I’m sure there will be scenarios where using both GMs + Zim in an attack would be good, but I’m not a big fan of color-stacking, and having three red heroes in my attack lineup is a little too stacky for my tastes.).

I should just go get some more Rings, and then I wouldn’t have this problem! LOL.

Two GMs on defense is great, especially with two L11 mana troops. I was merely laying the predicate for my conclusion.

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I recently have found myself in the same situation. @gregschen what’d you end up going with? Any regrets/insights?

Special diversity probably will be better than two Graveys. I faced two, which fired on the same turn at the same heroes three consecutive times. If one was Zimi, I definitely would have lost.

Go Zimi…

Could also be a decision due to the classes.

But I’d like to see a two colored def as well.

Gravey Evelyn Ares Evelyn Gravey



I maxed Ares first, and I think I would have gone the other way with hindsight as a guide.

I have them both maxed now, and I find Zim more useful, generally:

  • They both have their places on defense (Ares primarily as a tank, and Zim can really go anywhere, depending on what other heroes you use), but Gravemaker’s probably better than both of them for most defensive setups, so that’s kind of a moot point. (That is, if I’m understanding your question correctly, and you also have already maxed a Grave or two?)
  • Zim is more versatile as an attacker, and her fast cleanse is really useful in a lot of situations, both on the map and in raids/wars.
  • That being said, Ares is the better choice for hitting green titans, and it’s hard to overstate how valuable that is. Titans are by far the best source of non-farmable ascension materials, so it can be argued that Ares being better against titans trumps everything else Zim is good for.

Sorry for the wishy-washy answer! It’s as good of a question now as it was back when I first posted it four months ago, haha! Ultimately, the right answer depends on what you need in your roster at the moment. If you feel your green titan team could use a bump, go with Ares. If you’re satisfied with your green titan hits, then I’d say Zim.



I find myself using less and less of my Ares+4.

Nice attack and critical buff but somehow I find using BT better during attacks with the instant heal on all allies. Many times my attack wings die due to low HP and I would be fighting with my middle 3.


Thanks for the detailed response and sorry for the late reply! I currently have two maxed GMs on my defense team and both Zim and Ares near 3-70.

My green titan team is by far my strongest with Wil, Bold, Ares (3-70), GM, and Wu. I tend to lead my alliance on green titans already so improvement there’s not too much of a priority.

I’d say I’m mostly interested in defense team optimization purely because I find it fun to tinker. Looks like I’ll be ascending Zim to solve the question of Zim+GM vs GMx2 @Olmor mentioned. My guess is the added class (and spirit link!) diversity should push this in the favor of Zim+GM. I also don’t really see myself spending emblems on my second GM so there’s that.

For those interested:

  • Current defense: GM (5) >> Morgan (3) >> Boss W. (3 + MT) >> GM (lvl 11 MT) >> Sartana (4)
  • Leveling towards: Kunch >> Zim >> Rich >> GM >> Morgan

Curious to see how viable Richard is when flanked by the Zim/GM combo, but open to feedback!

Edit: grammar!


I wouldn’t put Morgan in the corner since this is for raid defense and not AW.

Since you have decided Kunchen on your left wing, put an AOE hitter on your right wing.
Your middle 3 is punishing enough.

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@AirHawk, do you mean “Area of Effect” or “Attack on Everyone”? I’m guessing the latter cause of the synergy with Kunchen’s defense down.

My only option at the moment is Horghall and I was planning on respecing his emblems to Zim. I also have the mats to level Frida, but she wouldn’t fit this model if you’re talking about Attack on Everyone.

Finally, I’ve heard a lot about Morgan being desirable on AW teams, but haven’t heard much about why she’d be less useful on normal defense teams. This might be a question for another thread though.

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Yes Area if Effect or attack all.

Morgan is great on normal raid defense as tank. Other positions not quite.

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