Troops summarized

Does the mana generation bonus work in defense ?

So, version 1.13 release notes indicate there will be 2 “common” troops added to balance out the elements in the summons.

Did anyone notice any troop additions?

@Petri, if this is a staggered update, will we see this in the smaller sequential update under 1.13 (like 1.13.1 fixed minor issues, and enabled the avatar shops), so these troops are actually going to be under 1.13.## (for example). Also, is it possible to rename either 1* purple reanimated fighters or 3* purple reanimated fighters to something else to differentiate the two types of troops? No other troops have identical names currently.

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Go to Daily Summon and look at them. Barbaric fighters 1* fire troops and Devout Fighters 1* holy troops.


Thanks @Pois1

Noticed that and posted in another thread. The graphics on top can finally be updated.

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You can update, i found the 2 crit troops’ level in top100 (:

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Thanks a bunch.

20 Characters.

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I have updated my troop roster. These are not nearly as good as N.o.X.'s though.Troop rosters

this is great! thanks for taking the time to put this together

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I am new to playing E&P and I want to thank you for this information. I am sure there is a thread on this question, but I haven’t been able to sift through all the information, which troops within the same color are better for defense and which ones for attack for each 3 star and 4 star?

For 3*, I prefer the attack-heavy ones (base attack value +13%).

For 4*, both varieties are good. The crit/defense version seems better at lower levels, while the mana/attack versions are preferred at high levels (particularly on defense). See full discussion here: 4* troops - mana or crit?


Thank you! This definitely helped.

Question: how is troop striking power calculated if you have two heroes of the same color? Example: I have a fairly high-rated 4 star purple troop that I pair with my 5* purple hero. When I put in a second purple hero it alllows me to select a second troop for that slot. I assigned another 4 star troop. But, and this is the question, which ‘troop’ is used in normal ‘matching’ combat? (As opposed to a special power strike) Does it use the highest number? In which case, it wouldn’t matter how strong the troop is…or, does it use the second one in some circumstances? Complicated, but key! Especially when fighting a ‘color-specific reflecting’ Titan. Thoughts? Guesses?

Troops adjust the base stats of the hero to which they are paired. So the answer is that both Troops count. I may be misunderstanding your question though

I have to say kudos to u for the effort on that. And also to take the time to show everyone how valuable troops r. Nice work! :ok_hand:

I can’t believe the troops you have you are well stocked.

I have had great success farming backpacks in Atlantis Provinces 1 & 2 as well as 4, 5 & 6. If u have a ton of tickets too it seems going to the specials levels, i.e. poison, dense fog and nighttime just seem to b more generous. I always find backpacks galore there and troops too. I know at 6 flags a pice the levels r costly but worth it. Hope that can help.

Ahhh, I hoard my tickets for exp (S1 23-11 or S1 23-9)

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Yeah, I couldn’t figure it out either

@N.o.X I am attempting to create a war calculator that this information would be part of the database needed. Is there any chance you’d be willing to give me temporary access to just copy and paste data? I’m happy to credit your contribution once the work is done.

just a FYI but @MAGS661 has done something similar already regarding the troops into a spreadsheet database tool thing:

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