❔ How many and how far should I up 2* troops for tourney? Ty🙂

Hey all!

So since my 4* rainbow troops is 23 and forward im gonna feed 3+4*, its time to put some food on 2* troops for tourney.

My strategy on embleming heroes is to cap at somewhere the same heropower (for 4*s: 7 for costume s1, s1 normal 11, etc). So im thinking of something like this for troops too.

So, for 1 color:

  • 1 def troops, 1 atk troop? another one to make it 3, tank and flanks and 3-2 atk formation?
  • i wonder how far should i take them up to?

Thank you! <hugs>

How many? 5x mana troops + 5x crit troops?

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I would go to heroplan.io’s tournament team tab and see what tanks you use for each 3* tournament. If there are any 3* heroes you use to tank in multiple 3* tournaments (ex: Bauchan, Gunnar, Shrubbear, etc), I would prioritize that color 2* def troop. Imo, the tank’s def troop probably matters more to successful defense than an attack troop for a flank/wing. I doesn’t take that much to max a 2* troop.

After that, I would probably do attack troop for the colors of snipers you use (Agnes/Bane, Namahage, Gato ,etc).

I personally would bring more 4* mana troops to lvl 5+ especially since more costumes for Average speed heroes will be released.


I agree :slight_smile:
great insights :wink:

ty :stuck_out_tongue:

For me personally:

I have done 5x of each colour. I have done 1x of the defence troop & 4x of the attack troop.

Currently all the troops are at level 5 but am gradually pushing them all to level 10 (using 1* feeders)

After that I will probably leave them for a while and work on 3* troops.


Same here @Guvnor. I have two of each color at +5 with three purple and three blue at +5. Eventually, I’ll get one of each color to +11 and hope sometime in the future to get all my +5s to +11s. I don’t see taking them beyond that as I only use these for tournaments and events.


Here’s what I’ve done.

Note I usually go 3-2. It kept a 2* in case I went mono.

My 3* are not as good in some colors. It’s not uncommon that my level 15 gets used in a stack on 4* tournaments too.


Simple scheme.
For each color I have: 2* troops

1x def troop lvl 5
2x atk troop lvl 5
2x atk troop lvl 1

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all atk :slight_smile:

already went lvl8 def for each color: 13% defense

Yes. My style. Hindsight, maybe one higher one in defense for defense and keep these for attack, but it’s what I did. And more my style.

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