Triton#1? Another Sonya (or help me; another Boril)? Vela to 3:70?

So, I have a question. I have really limited ascension materials and Mystic vision stopped with the love but I just picked up a needed and coveted (by me) unfarmable 3 star mat.

So i have options and have eliminated yellow as an option (it still is but, LiXiu 3?? God help me, Chao?) Nah…

I don’t have a maxed Triton but yet my experience is that he dies pretty easily unless well emblemed. I could max another Sonya and I can see a definite argument for multiple maxed Sonyas also. Boril#2; isn’t going to happen. But, finally, I could take Vela to 3:70 and just be short of 3 telescopes for final ascension, but her 3:70 stats are just awful.

What do you wonderful people suggest?

Triton was my first 4-star blue, and I have not regretted raising him. On offense, at least, he beefs up your heals and packs a big punch. (Mine has emblems, so is a beast on attack stat as well – over 800.)


Sonya for alliance wars, Vela for red titans.

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Depending on what * titan you’re hitting, vela May be useable at 3/70.

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Double sonya’s are great for war… especially if you have her costume. But if you don’t have a triton, I’d max him before a dupe… assuming you have a healer to pair him with so you can maximize his special… if you don’t, he just becomes a squishy sniper with no other utility and would therefore max second sonya over him.


My personal ranking:

  1. Vela 3/70
  2. Triton
  3. 2nd Sonya

With Vela u have the option to ascend her more later and she will be very good. And she is useful at 3/70 imho.
Triton was obe my first atlantis hero and i like him but not amazed at all.
2nd Sonya: i prefer diversity.


I’m not even sure how relevant the level of the Titan is here. I see red Titans so infrequently. If she had utility against green purple or yellow it might be different. EDT: that is Totally relevant but I am a low level Titan hitter and those higher level beasts upset me. 11,000 vs a Titan is just depressing. However, that is a really pertinent point. Her stats at 3:70 are awful and to be honest, I’m not impressed at 4:80. Thank you for your consideration.
Then, @komirekko, I did consider Vela’s future potential but seriously, who would I be trying to kid if I could be positive I might be playing in 6 months? My training camps are being shut down as we speak. I literally have no compelling reason to run them when I have 23x4 stars waiting in line for unfarmable mats. I could run TC 20’s in the hope of getting a Joon a Grimm, a Kiril or a Marjana but experience tells me that more Hawkmoons, Banes, a parade of Borils, Little Johns and Chaos is the likely outcome and that will only make me annoyed. On paper, Triton seems the obvious choice but as he was outshone by my Sonya’s I feel that an extra maxed Sonya might be the best choice. One thing I am sure of is I will await more opinion. They waited this long, they can wait some more.

Thank you everyone so far.

Regarding your TCs, run them all at 11 for feeders, for the sake of sanity don’t run anything that gives you heroes you MAY want when what you lack are mats.

For your hero dilemma, do you have stiff competition for emblems or will any one of them be able to have emblems when maxed?

Triton IS a bit tilted towards attack stats and the emblems make a huge difference (that said, I went all attack because he will never be on my defense team and over 800 is very nice). The boosted healing is an added benefit that will certainly help you in tough battles but I wouldn’t assume it will. He packs a decent punch so can help with the killing.

Sonya is helpful and I feel she is a debuffer that does a bit of damage (firm slap). Since my 4* healers were Mel and Sabina I didn’t use her much when 4* heroes were my mainstays (Rigard joined my team very, very late (for major healers), Kiril and Boldtusk were also late joiners so only were maxed for war depth and class challenges, not main raiding team). Sonya’s attack stat is low so my assumption is with her you need to be prepared for a war of attrition, not nuking. Do you have both healers and strong snipers to surround her?
Triton is more nuking since you can never be sure he’ll be there long (although even dead you still benefit from his excellent tile damage).

My belief is that you will be better served by Triton at this moment. A fast mana, glass cannon with a niche secondary special.

I discount Vela for you now because it seems from what you wrote that you are still building up depth, working on 5* too soon leaves you with a shallow bench and best to max the workhorses of a team, the 4* first.
That said, emblemed Vela shows up frequently in upper Diamond, with emblems she does cause problems.


Your worry seems to be his survivability. Triton was my second maxed 4* Blue after Kiril. He’s less squishy than Grimm is, I have him at +7 with 750/619/1085 stats. My Grimm at +13 is 782/567/1204 for comparison. That extra defense helps.

And with fast mana, even if Triton does die in raids, it’s usually after he’s fired at least once. The healing boost can be enjoyed even after he dies, at least.

A second Sonya will be useful, but I think you will benefit more from the versatility of having both Sonya and Triton on hand. You won’t need a dispeller all the time.

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Triton good to have viaraty plus triton is underated his attack is pretty high! plus a ranger in quests.

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Triton is the man. 20.

I have TRITON +18 and he is awesome!


You may refer to Vela thread to see how people feedback about her. Mine is at 3.70, waiting for 2 scopes and is usable on mono blue team

Firstly, thank you all. The advice was outstanding. After i last posted I had a 3-4 day; “I am just over this” quit. No anger, no rage. just a sense of profound relief. I decided that I was going to do nothing at all; why use precious consumables just because i can?? And yes, you are totally right. What was i thinking? I have 21 x 4 stars stuck at 3:60 and i certainly don’t want more nor need 5’s. Those vanilla S1 5’s are simply awful by and large (Sartana isn’t a total loss however). But the new HOTM Telluria is pitiful too. She can take a hit but her special is literally the equivalent of using harsh language and backing it up with minions.
Anyway, Saturday came along and I scored Mist first pull and surprisingly she is excellent (still at 4:45). I took her for a run earlier and was fairly pleased.
EDIT: I am stupid. EMBLEMS is what I meant. Where do people get them all? I did a basic tally of what I had gotten over the last 13 months and was surprised at how few of them, most were. Battlers and fighters had around 400 each, monks ~ 500 and the rest at around 300. That isn’t anything remotely meaningful on a 5 star.
So Triton was the peoples choice and he gets to wait for another day (one more hidden blade and I can level up Falcon).

Thank you again wonderful people.

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I am glad you found it helpful.

I will however lodge an objection to your verdict on Telluria. My first battle against her was vs a weak team. I just revenged someone with a +8 Telluria flanked by an incomplete Vela (GM +14 though) and it took me the full three attempts to win. Her mana slow is BRUTAL! I don’t raid with red so Vela didn’t matter but even with decent boards in all three battles I simply couldn’t get enough mana and her HoT is effective.

Be very happy if you summon her, she will be useful. An average speed mana slower (leaves Boss Wolf and fragile Little John crying) with a proper mana generation cut. Telluria + Neith should be horrible. Guin cuts more mana but the HoT overwrites Telluria’s so Neith. With blind both tiles and specials may miss and meanwhile Telluria is healing and you can’t charge your specials…ugh.

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This is a new enquiry!!

Here we are again with a similar dilemma. Last time I opted to wait and see what happened and I promptly got Mist and Mireweave and then Brynhild, who, not so strangely, got the goodies instead (I got lucky for a spell with ascension mats). Now I have mats for a yellow, purple, blue (having just chosen Sumitomo as my next red). However, I have a shortage of compasses (1 left) having used one just earlier. The more immediate future is what I am thinking of. This is my limited roster; some duplicates are the costume version (they are listed separately but only count as one hero in the tally). So 3 x BT’s not 6!!

I am inclined to pick Grimm as the best candidate. But please, you tell me!

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Commenting so I can come back after my meeting and focus more on an answer. :slight_smile:


Purple: Rigard x2
Yellow: Kvasir
Blue: grimm… Sonya is a close second and if you get her costume, I would bump her up.

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Cheers, I have been desperately pursuing the Rigard costume (as well as Sonya (costume) who is my sentimental favourite) but on this account it eludes me. Well, there is always next month and the one after that… Took 16 months to finally get Grimm and I picked up Joon as well who I have wanted for a long time but now will have to stay at 2:60 (I finally realised that 5 stars are out of my league and I can take on pretty much anything up to ~4200tp), so 4* it is!). Kvasir is definitely being kept (you may have noticed that I like my 3*). That Dawa is their because of a superstition (and will never get past 3:30 where they have been for about 5 months now). I’ll see how he goes but I was impressed by the reviews from people who used him in the last 3* tournament and I learned something about minions.

So I ended up ascending Sumitomo (over Scarlett) as he suits my play style better, a Li Xiu got one orb as the costume stat bonus is worth it and Grimm will get ascended once i get to the game for today.

Thanks again for your advice; it really makes a big difference to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

I gave Boomer some consideration until I took him out for his first run yesterday @3:60 because his special is described using the exact/identical same language as Hu Tao and Li Xiu; 205% damage to all; Hu Tao 200% damage to all; Li Xiu, 150% damage to all. Sounds precisely the same but Hu Tao and Li Xiu inflict 150% and 200% damage to each hero (so 750% and 1000%) but Boomers 205% is 205% divided by 5 so compared to the other 2 and using their (SG) terminology, Boomer is delivering 41% to all!!! It is the most shamefully shocking pitiful special skill and SG should try to be consistent (that is perilously close to dishonesty). I set him off and the hit delivered 100 pts damage; less than one tiles worth. Boomer is staggeringly awful imo.

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He might be one of the oldest, untouched heroes in my deck. Lol

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