Trap tools, Royal tabbards -- should I ascend my Cheshire Cat?

Hi everyone. :slight_smile:

I was lucky enough to get Seshat in July. She’s almost at the end of her third chevron, and for her to ascend past that, I’d need (among other things), 6 Royal Tabbards and 4 trap tools.

I also have a Cheshire Cat. If you play with him, you know he’s great against yellows, and is a powerful tank, and hey, I only have so many 4* guys, so I like him, but he’s nothing compared to Seshat. He’s almost at the end of his third chevron too, ready to ascend again – and that would require 4 trap tools.

I have 2 Royal Tabbards and 4 trap tools. I could ascend Cheshire Cat in just a few days. But if I do, that would use up my trap tools. On the other hand, Royal Tabbards seem to be in VERY short supply. I feel like by the time I get 4 more Royal Tabbards, I would also have 4 more Trap Tools.

I know that ascension mats can be unpredictable, but what would you do if you were me? Ascend my Cheshire Cat, counting on the game to give me 4 more trap tools in about the same time as I get 4 more Royal Tabbards? Or would you just hold on to the trap tools for as long as it takes to get 4 more Royal Tabbards (or maybe 8 total Trap tools)?

Thanks for the tips.

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I’d max chesh. I like him vs yellow titans if u dont use wilbur+khiona

3* mats, i seem to get a 4:1 ratio really. I never worry bout getting more 3* mats cause they come so much easier than 4* mats

If you’re under 30 war usable heros then maxing more 4s before 5s cant hurt.

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You’ll probably get 20-25 more tools before you get 4 more tabards. 4* mats are super rare so I’d max cat and use him to help you get more mats faster.


I’d take punt on getting the trap tools by the time you get the required tabards. I was blessed with a stack of tabrds early on and got Seshat as my first dark 5* the other week. If you want to be cautious I’d wait til you have 10 trap tools to level up Cheshire cat which probably won’t be too long then you’ll almost certainly have the tools and tabards to ascend Seshat

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Yes, ascend whatever is possible.
To wait isn’t a good strategy.

Greening Kitten isn’t that good, but very cool to confuse a def and for his holy def debuff.

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Thanks, everyone! Ok, I’m going to ascend my Cat. I think he’ll be a good tank if nothing else, and he’s been great during the current challenge event with all the holy enemies.

Cheshire first. Trap tools come by much easier as compared to tabards.

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