Next Purple?

I’ve already a pretty decent 5* Purple lineup:
Clarissa+8, Hel+4, Seshat+7, Kage+7, Khiona+7, Sartana (plus Rigard+20, which I consider equivalent to a 5*).

I’m not sure which hero I should work next among the 5* I have at 1.1:
Marie-Therese, Domizia, Quintus.C, Obakan, Kage2, Seshat2

Or I could save the tabbards and add an additional 4* chosen between Ameonna and Cheshire Cat (I have all the major 4*)

Any suggestion?

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Personally i would max a second Seshat. You will have a second purple dispeler which hits hard and will help you more than any of your other choices.

You know something im thinking about?

That C.Quintus will have an extra value now that rush wars will be a thing. You will have a powerful AOE hitter to bring to tournies and rush wars

Is it enough to justify ascending him instead 2nd seshat? Idk , i would say no, but i wanted to mention it.

Edit: I dont know how many trap tools do you have but maxing a 4☆ is fast and can be done , partially, the first lvls of each ascension with 1* purple feeders saving the 2☆ purple ones to the 5☆(most than anything in those last lvls 50-70) (50-80)

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I’d go for Cheshire cat, good for titans and purple stacking. If you must do a 5, I’d recommend a second Seshat.

Is Domitia costumed? If so, I will recommend her.
If not - second Seshat.

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I agree with a second Seshat, but am interested in Quintus myself due to the upcoming rush wars. I have his costume as well but he’s been a virgin on my bench since I got him. Likewise with a bunch of other slow heroes like Horghall, Elena, Guardian Owl (VS), Noor and Khagan. May have to dust those slowpokes off.

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Those slow heroes certainly will get more use now. Lets wait and see if SG keeps on road with the rush clause and doesnt change his mind. (I mean i will wait a little bit first to see if the war is well welcomed or if sg plans to change it )

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Agreed. Every timie a rush tournament happens I get a pang of regret that my Very Slow Guardian Owl is just sitting there on my bench at 1/1. I mean, he wouldn’t be the absolute beast that Alfrike is in rush, but he would be very tough.

In my honest opinion, I much prefer diversity, so would go with Domitia if you have her costume.
If not then Costume Quintus for the new rush wars. I have just maxed my Costume Quintus to +10
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Thanks guys. In the end ai think I’ll go with C.Quintus. I enjoy tournaments and Q might be useful.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

(Let me just wait for this month to pass, in the rare event I get zulag, which seems interesting)


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