2nd Seshat or Aeron

I got Panther Khiona Sartana kunchen Seshat, Rigard, Merlin, Proteus and Cheshire Cat all full

I got Delilah full vivica (3 43), Ariel now on 4 20, Grazul, Aegir full, Melendor full and the 2 above.

Do I need Aeron maxed or would 2nd Seshat be better?

I am a warrior. I would go with second Seshat. I wish I had two.

In an ideal roster you’d have 10 maxed healers, but Aeron isn’t worthwhile for tabards, IMO.

Tx. So for healers 1 kiril maxed and Sabina. And vivica should go 4?

I will up Seshat 2.

hmm tough, you have good purple depth no doubt. Personally I find it hard to max a dupe 5* especially with how tough asc mats can be to come across. Personally I would hold ya tabards incase another 5* purple comes along. My general rule of thumb is do not max dupe 5* unless you have at least 12 of the asc mats RE tabards.

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Next morlovia 12…

I had the choice, i went 2nd aeron. Use both in 2 different war team setups, he comes in handy. Idk how many times I’ve been relieved that hel drake gm etc have targeted the 3 immune allies


Dang, Tabards sure do like you ! So including your maxed and the ones you have you have come across 41 tabards ?! awesome.
In that case yeh I wouldn’t hesitate to max a 2nd Seshat.

Yeah go for Seshat! I have aeron and Grazul near 3/70. Grazul should make him less of a priority.


I wish I had him

I have too Seshats, plan to max both, but if Aeron showed up I’d put Seshat 2 on hold.

I‘m a big fan of Aeron with manatroop lv23. His immunity is often a winner and his heal with 9 tiles is also pretty helpfull.

I have both maxed and I‘d rather go Aeron than 2nd Sesh.


I would say Aeron. His immunity to new status effects can be a life saver

If I understand your post correctly you already have Grazul maxed, is this right?

If so, Grazul gives the immunity that makes Aeron special so that is covered.

Seshat should remain among the elite fast snipers with the unique replicating minions. If you regurlarly face Guin tanks in war she should be an absolute priority as well.

I haven’t maxed Grazul yet. I’m doing couple of heroes.

Grazul level 3
Margaret level 4
Ariel level 4
Buddy level 3

Soon starting Kiril… and if I get the 3 star Avalon that will go too this month.

So these 5 maxing this month. Both aeron and seshat will have to wait… which ever it will be. Btw just got my 12th tabbard from titan…

The answer from me is neither.

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