Next purple to ascend

Finally got trap tools to ascend a purple. I only have merlin maxed.

I have 7 tabards, so working on seshat, but got a set of trap tools for another 4.

Tibertus and Sabina are 3-60. I just recently got rigard but still 1-1 ( all feeders going to seshat).

I have maxed and emblemed Mel and Kiril, I’m working on maxing Vivica with enough mats to bring to 4-80, currently 3-68 or something.

I have a maxed gormek and Wilbur, still working on Grimm (and magni - also have mats to bring him to 4-80)

So I have healers and defense down, but my purple stack is weak. I have Sartana at 2-60 (stoped when I got seshat).

I also have Cyprian unlevelled but thinking of leveling her last. Oh and that ghost purple girl at 1-1

Tiburtus first because defense down is very valuable to have. You’ll enjoy him for your purple raiding teams and against yellow titans :slight_smile:

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In my honest opinion, although you can’t have too many healers, I would focus on maxing out Tiburtus to get the defence down

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Seshat the tibs…

I was leaning to do tibs, thanks.

Yeah,I’m going to finish up seshat first

Sounds like you’re still working on depth which to me, means I wouldn’t max 5s quite yet. There are def some key 4s that you can get maxed faster to get your war depth in a good place before you start dumping so much into those 5s.

Well I’m not in a strong Alliance (we’re on 5 and 6* Titans). I’m leading on Titan hits and war scores (rarely get under 400 points), so my depth is decent for where my alliance is at. Purple is just weak for me. I have more DeMarcus blades than trap tools. The other colours, I have 3 to 4 max 4s.

I have mats to ascend all my 5s (well 1 of each colour), but been sitting on them to build up more 4s.

No need for 5s at this junction. I’d focus on 4s… you’ll get depth faster. I’m saying this coming from a strong alliance… stringing 12s. I still bench 5s over 4s for wars and titans. Obviously… just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Yeah, just the other colours, I have nothing to level but a 5 lol.

But I see your point, I’ll finish seshat to 3-70 or 4-1?(almost there), max tibs and go back to seshat.

I’m technically c2p (I buy those gems that also give to your alliance, but that’s it. Not even VIP). So I rely on my single TC20 and a few pulls every now and then.


I think Tiburtus is a defensible choice, especially if you are concerned about upping your purple damage. Still, Rigard is just really, really good. He’s the only four-star who can cleanse your whole team, and that’s a really valuable thing. I got him so late, and boy, am I finding out now what I was missing. I know you are itching to max a five-star, and you have some great ones, plus the materials to do it, but I would definitely max Rigard before working on them. If you choose to also do Tiburtus, that makes sense, too. It just takes a LONG time to max a five-star, and that’s that much longer you’ll be without Rigard’s cleanse.

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Yeah, I’m surprised there’s not a bit more love for Rigard next. With a max Gormek and a Grimm on the way, I say go for Rigard next, you’ll use him more and the cleanse is so helpful.

I have a 4-1(and growing) Vivica to do rigard’s role. He’s the last 4* I received so he’s only 1-1. I do plan to level him next (after maxing tibs and seshat). He’ll be useful in wars and 4* events for me. And once I get another set of trap tools, I’ll ascend him.

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Just a thought but if youre already at a good stage with your alliance on wars and titans. Why don’t you pex your 5* first ? They will allow you to climb some arena ranks which mean more iron and foods per day which is valuable.

Well getting tibs to max will be faster than seshat and I need more DPS in purple. I can’t purple stack yet, so I often reroll on a yellow tank or yellow heavy team. I feel seshat at 3-70 will be useful while I get tibs to max, then work on maxing seshat, then rigard lol. I can already use her now with her minions and she’s low 3rd tier.

My other colours, I’m working in 5s. I do hope to open chests in diamond soon. Currently I’m around 2100-2250, dropping sometimes to high 1900.

Unless I get another 5 I’ll have (in random order)
Azlar, magni, Vivica, seshat, Morgan all at 4-80… Hopefully enough to open chests in diamond. But still a long way to max them (but have the mats minus one tonic and I think a cape). Also have Richard 1-1 and Ranvir 3-70 but darts went to Vivica. Ranvir lives fine for the Titans I’m on.

That helps - and I’m jealous - but don’t forget that Vivica is slow mana vs. Rigard’s average. Can make all the difference when you are burning. Just a thought.

Yeah, so many things to do, so little feeders and ham to do it!

For now, I use merlin to prevent those big aoe hits

Depends on your needs:

Rigard - the only 4* cleanser in the game and high heal rate.

Sabina - sorcerer class / heal / dispel

Tibertus - only for yellow titans (I would still prefer Wilbur for this)

Cyprian - for challenges / quests / bosses

So depends on your objective. If not, definitely Rigard or Sabina.

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Without mana troop at lvl 23, there is no difference between average and slow as both needs 4 matchs to get ready anyway…

Regarding raiding in diamond. I raid around 2350+ and often fall back to 2200 and some times around 2000. I have not any 5* ready, and i rarely open a diamond chest (like one per week). I think that one or two 5* ready will allow to climb the last step.

According to my experience as tiburtus was my first purple ascended he’s great for titans and some quests, but he lacks of reliability in raid, i have also grimm maxed who is by far dreadest.

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I’m with you here. I have one maxed five-star on my defense team (Poseidon) and it still isn’t enough to hold me in diamond. Domitia is on her way, and Thorne is following shortly behind. I don’t know if two five-stars will do it, but I’m hoping three will.

Well already ascended tibs lol. I have no food either now. Just stared research on harpoons and good bye all ham

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