Traing camp joke

My train is level 20 but nearly 2 month i never take 5 stars hero why ??? It really joking
I think its a bug for game

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There are players who have done over 200 trainings without a legend and there are some with 3 in a row from the first 5 trainings.

Random with a probability of 5%.


Welcome to the forums and tbh, it is rng for what you pull out of TC 20. The descriptor for TC 20 does say a chance for legendaries but not guaranteed. From the sound of it, rng has been giving you the bird so to speak. Your dry spell will end very soon and then the 5 stars will be coming to you.


I had little success with 1 training camp at level 20, it took me 6 months to get my first 5* from it (Leonidas).

What I found useful myself was to upgrade two of my training camps and run them both asynchronously at level 20. One is a day behind the other on purpose, that way I get a hero from it every day. Although it’s still luck at the end of the day, more pulls = more likely you’ll get a 5*. I know there’s a few others in these forums that run 3 at the same time, to me that seems a bit excessive though because now I have more 5*s than I can upgrade realistically.

Since Leo, I’ve also pulled in this order: Joon, Marjana, Khaghan, Kadilen, Joon, Quintus, and this morning I pulled Justice. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


I always did much better with level 20 training than with the summons. I’m just not a lucky summons player but I haven’t had level 20 TC going for months now.

Much as I love Lianna and Sartana, I don’t need more than 3 (between my two profiles).

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I’m currently at 157 draws from the two TC20 that I have running, and have gotten seven 5* heroes from them, which is 4.5%. For reference… I also have gotten 28 (17.8%) 4* heroes and 122 (77.7%) 3* heroes.

But keep this in mind: I only got two in my first 100 draws, so the next five came in the last 57 draws. :slight_smile: They’ll show up eventually, just be patient.


Since i’ve TC20 keep running Legendary training, it’s take around 3-4 months i got Joon my first *5 from this camp.

It’s RNG, pure luck when they are ready for you to pull out and enjoy the result. At first week that i pulled from TC20, results are a buch of Renfeld, Oberon and others *3 then *4 and *5.

You don’t know what TC20 will give you next, just let them do their job and wait with a little hope. No high expectation but it’s still there. GLHF.

I also run double TC 20, staggered by a day. It’s like every day brings a present, but you’re never quite sure what you’re getting.

Odds of 5* is low. The best way to help your chances is to run multiple TC 20.

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