What is this random? from 30 heroes there is no 5 * :) it is strange all this)

Of course, thank you for doing this, the horror is full, I understand that I was not lucky, but I could have done a less sparing less, I opened 3X10 by giving 7,800 crystals and not one hero 5 *, it’s a shame that this happens, I will not pay any more from the camp for free.

I don’t mean to sound cold-hearted, but —

Odds of a 5* from a summons are somewhere around 3-4%. Which means the odds of NOT pulling a 5* in 30 Summons is somewhere around 30-40%. So you were unlucky, but not terribly unlucky.


very unlucky, it’s sad, it would be better if it was at the call 10% dropout was 15%, the heroes 5 *, not 3-4%

I don’t believe the odds on a 5* from Summons Gate has changed. The odds are slightly better on a Training Camp Level 20 (and free, though it takes time to get there).


Lucky guy…
I get first 5* hero, after more than 2 y of playing


Summon gate or TC20?

What did you get?

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