Tc hero training

i have one question, is hero from tc20 generated in time of end training or in time of taking…?

As long as you keep your tc20 active you will get a new hero every two days.
If you have 100 days on it and don’t collect in in 10 you have 5 of tc20 hero’s 3-4-5

thanks but this isn’t answer to my question i want to know when is generating (at time) hero which i get

Your question is a little unclear. Are you asking do you know what hero you are training? The answer is no, you only find out what hero you are going to get when you collect from the training camp.

I assume his question is when RNG decides what hero you get: whether when you start training or whether when you come to claim trained hero. I have no idea (and I am not sure why anybody asks this) but maybe someone knows…

Could be, I would wonder what the point of the question would be because regardless, of when it’s decided, there’s nothing you can do to affect it.

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Same. When I play some single-player games I am interested to see when, for example, the loot in chest is generated so I know how to reset in case of unfavorable outcome (for example: Wizardry 8 generates chests when you first enter the map, so you need to re-enter it when you want something different in it), but here you can do nadda with it …

I guess the background is, that he may wants to try the Censure summoning method at TC 20 as well!?

Tc20 is 5% 5*
25% 4*
65% 3*

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105% ?

I wish 5* were 5%…

Err you what explain? :thinking:
Even if my math was wrong
Tc20 for. A 5* is 5% fact

It’s not fact, but it IS the average that many, many players have reported after actually recording their pulls for months on end. Myself included.

Sometimes you’ll go a long stretch with none and sometimes it’ll spit out 2 in a month. It’s just random.

And my belief is that it’s generated server side when you pull. Those silver tokens? Yeah. They’re generated locally. So two entirely different RNGs. Note the delay when you pull from TC 20 or a major portal vs the lack of delay when using other TCs or the silver tokens. That’s round trip delay to the server.

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Interesting and makes sense. I always wondered why picking up stuff from, say, TC2 was fast but TC20 always lagged. Now this explains it. Also confirms that ‘pulling * troop, then ** troop, then 3* hero, then AntZ and finally Simba from daily portal guarantees next pull in other portal will be 5*’ is complete insert R2D2 sound here, as those are independent mechanics.

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only if in case that “Censure Summoning Method” works…

this is very unlikely