What should I do with my feeders?

I have been trying to level on-color. But here is my problem – I have only two colors with good options.
Yellow: I am currently working on Vivica (now 3/30) and will get her to 3/70; at the rate I’m gaining darts, she’ll sit there until April or so. After that, I have Hu Tao at 3/39, and I’ll boost him to 3/60, and I have a couple after him I could level (Chao is 1/1, as is Kvasir).
Blue: I have Isarnia at 3/40 or so, but I have all materials needed, so I’ll ascend and level her to max.

My problems:
Red: all my good ones are maxed, I have Kelile, Colen and Sumle at 3/60, but don’t want to spend the mats on them.
Green: I have Kadilen at 3/70, and the moment I get enough tonics I’ll ascend her, but that will probably be two months. Right now, I could do Horghall (do have costume), Little John or Gobbler (all at 1/1).
Purple: I have Quintus at 1/1. Or I suppose I could level a backup Tiburtus (my main one is maxed +12, but I’ve never needed a second).

So what do I do with all these feeders clogging my inventory? Hand them over to Viv and Isarnia? Or am I wrong, and Quintus and Horghall really are worth levelling up? Any thoughts appreciated!

Really you have two options:

  1. start feeding off-colour

  2. level another hero up

At some stage, it becomes more worthwhile to off-colour feed as you are wanting specific heroes levelled more than a wide variety/ # of heroes levelled.

Worth noting that having “more” heroes isn’t a bad thing… until you start levelling heroes you are never going to use :stuck_out_tongue:


Option 3. You seem relatively new so I am guessing you don’t have the full ascension mats yet. Feed color to max out a couple of 3 and 4 stars. At least you will be useful during war.

Don’t be like me only started leveling 3 stars when the raid tournaments started.


I’m a pretty big believer that every hero has a use. No, Quintus isn’t that good, but when a rush attack tournament comes around, you could do way worse. No, Horghall is not good, but when the raid tournament that restricts the attacker from using red rolls around, he’s a suitable tank. Now, I’m coming from a F2P perspective. If you’re a moderate to big spender, maybe it’s worth it to wait and see what comes along, but if you know you aren’t likely to get new projects soon, I like to level what I’ve got and see what I can do with them. I’ve said it many times - using new heroes is fun. Waiting for better heroes is not. On five-star heroes, you might wait around for a little while because those mats are so rare, but I still take them to 3^70 while I wait. Eventually you come to a point where the materials to max a four-star aren’t that scarce. Do it. Four-star tournaments and events are still a thing, too.


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