At what point exactly do you feed your heroes Training Heroes?

Do you feed them Training Heroes right after the last Ascension (when they are 4/1 level), or do you keep feeding them regular 1-2*s for a while before using your THs. (Like until they are 4/10 level, 4/20 level, etc)

I feed them the latest I can on the last ascension. So roughly around 4/70-75, depending on how many trainer heroes I have. :slight_smile:


Personally I just feed them away as soon as I get them. I get that they might conserve food if you wait, but I generally don’t bother. I know that is probably not helpful, but that is what I do.


Pretty much the same

But definitely depends how many i have

With being pickier and pickier about which 5s to max, i sometimes start on trainers at 4/60ish just to clear up roster space since it’ll be another month or 2 before i max another 5 anyways

(Still only use trainers on 5s though)


I also try keeping them for the last ascension of 5* heroes. I feed the around 4/60, when feeding normal heroes becomes too slow. That instantly gains a few levels for the hero and a BIG morale boost for me :grinning: But keeping trainer heroes does consume roster space, so I usually don’t keep the 1* and consume the 2* as 3* or better pile up.

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Use 1* and 2* around 3/50 cause 20 last level cost a lot. Then I use 3* and 4* around 4/50.

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I save all 2* & 3* trainers. At 4/76 or so I’ll feed all the on color trainers (typically ~ 8 2* & ~5 - 6 3*) and can usually max the hero in one go at that point. This works for me since those last few levels can take forever using regular 2* feeders.

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I try to save the 2*+ trainer heroes for the 3/65 or 4/70 ranges. It helps with those final levels of experience because of how much is needed just to get to the next exp level.


Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate it. Though I’d like to point out that I plan on working on/playing with 4 and 3* heroes for a while before I begin 5*s.

Replies still give grasp on how to use them on 4*s too though.

I wait until their special skill is 8/8. I don’t worry too much about conserving food. I don’t have a lot of extra roster space and I feed color to color, so it’s a slow grind anyway.


4* i would save until around 4/40 4/50 of 4th ascension

Possibly sooner if your projects have a big gap in between

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I have a very simple rule of thumb: if I can’t get more than 2 levels out of feeding 10x on-color 2* feeders for 4* and 3rd ascension of 5*, and at least 1.5 level for 4th ascension of 5* (1.5 level = 20 feeders gets me 3 levels), it’s time to feed the trainers.

This translates into around 4/50 for 4*, and 3/60 and 4/65 for 5*.

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Right into any color matching hero which will be leveled, no matter when or which tier. Ham isn’t an issue for me momentarily and the amount of xp will always be the same.


Technically, those trainer heroes offer the same experience points in whatever stage the hero you are leveling is at. The same way goes to 1 or 2 star feeders. They have consistent experience points to whatever hero you are leveling may it be a 3, 4 or 5 star one, with the only variation on the costume version of the hero (I think as they tend to level up faster or maybe their experience points requirement got lowered). There are just two things why most, if not some, players tend to use trainer heroes on the latter part of the ascension process: (1) false psychology seeing that huge experience points bar leap, thinking that they really help when in fact the experience point gathered is all the same, and (2) food efficiency, but most mid-level and advance players really don’t care about the food as there is a constant source from where it can be obtained, unlike those newbies who are struggling on food just to level heroes and troops and researches, and some structures.

I feed trainer heroes at any stage of the hero development as long as i have maxed the skills.


I like to leave them in my roster for a few days. Slowly they let their guard down and start to feel welcome in my stronghold. I give them names and show them around and let them eat and drink in the Great Hall.

Then when they least expect it I sacrifice them to a worthy hero. Relishing the horror in their eyes as they realise that they were foolish to trust me as transfer the sum total of their life experiences to someone more deserving of it.

Assuming I understood the question of course.


Brilliant. You evil genius @Cheds

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If you’re not working on feeding 5-star heroes, you shouldn’t save the trainer heroes at all. They wouldn’t be worth the roster space if they won’t save you at least a million hams. Others have pointed out when they use their trainers but they didn’t mention why. 5-star heroes require a lot of hams along with the feeder 1-star/2-star heroes. This is especially painful at level 4/70 and higher. The benefit of the trainers is to cram in a lot of XP while minimizing the amount of food needed. It will take 42,338 XP to jump from 4/70 to 4/80. That’s roughly fourteen 3-star trainers when color matched, as opposed to about 130 1-star/2-star color matched feeders. Each feeder requires 11,000+ food to go along with it whether the food is a trainer or a 1-star. The trainer hero advantage is worth a bit more than 1 million hams if you can jump the last 10 levels of a 5-star.

Rerunning the calcs for a 4-star hero, the cost of the last 10 level is 23,137 XP. Say eight 3-star trainers or a mix of 72 color matched feeders. Feeding a 4-star in their 4-60’s takes about 6,000-ish hams. So the food savings from trainers is only in the neighborhood of 400,000 hams. To put it in context, the trainer hero advantage saves about half a day’s worth of food production when they’re fed to a 5-star hero.

Most of the players who stockpile trainers have to buy roster space specifically for the purposes of feeding them to 5-stars and it ain’t cheap to dedicate 50+ slots when you’re paying 300+ gems per batch of 5 slots.


This also. But only for 3 and 4 star trainers, I eat the lesser ones usually asap to free the roster space. Unless I am really close to approaching that final ascension of the trainer color hero, then I may leave them hanging around for few days.

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