How do I use Trainers

I’m newer in the game. What is the best way to use my Trainers?

I think trainers are used for leveling your heroes since they give so much XP. When I first started out I used them in my offense team since they had better stats than my unleveled 3*s. I used to think they’d give me extra XP using them on map since the card said XP+ lol, turns out they only give extra XP for feeding.

It’s probably best not to use them until after your hero’s special is at max of 8…… you run the risk of maxing your hero before the special is maxed. Once special is maxed, use them for fast levelling of your heroes.


Right now I use them to feed to my 4* and 5* that are getting near maxed out/maxed for the 3rd tier for 5*. For the xp they give I spend WAY less hams getting those last few levels in!
I wouldn’t ever feed them to a 3* unless their specials are 8/8. That is unless you are in the need of Roster space, then you do what you need to do feeding wise.

I agree for 3* heroes and to an extent 4* heroes (that said I didn’t use trainer heroes for 3* heroes!)

I know this advice probably won’t apply to the OP’s current situation, but feeding trainer heroes early on for 5* heroes is usually fine.

The amount of xp needed for a 5* is crazy so there is plenty of opportunity to max a 5* special assuming you do a full ascension

I would also add that I still try to use the same colour trainer hero as the hero being fed to maximise the XP bonus (+20%) and chance to increase special ability.

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