Torn: MN+Krampus or LotL+Raff

I’m planning out my next green and blue heroes to ascend, and I’m torn. I was going to do Raff and LotL but I pulled Krampus and Mother North for the Christmas event.

Obviously MN and Krampus have synergy. I don’t have any powerhouses for attack so my roster seems more defensive. My current defense is:

LotL is great for the world map, I use her and Noor together to shut down bosses’ mana, but I’m wondering if MN+ Krampus would be better for defense and wars. Does anyone have both MN and LotL to speak to how good they are with emblems and which is more useful all-around?


Some of my top hero’s in power:

Very valid question @Drewrobi! To add to that question, should Sorcerer emblems go to LOTL or Krampus?

Hi, I don’t own Krampus, but I own Lady of the Lake, Mother North and Raffaele. They are very good heroes, useful in different ways, and must be maxed without any hesitation. That’s why, if I were you, I would choose the one I prefer the most… A complicated choice indeed.

Id look for a faster, green — you have Heimdal +20

Slow MN and LotL isn’t going to do much for you that you don’t already have — there’s no urgency

Fast C Kadilyn perhaps? She looks to fit in your green stack too, druid

Krampus over Raff; gives another tank option and taunt has synergy — rare skill that’s a lot of fun

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Good point, just not sure Zocc has enough value over the others, but yes I have several defensive green heroes

Personally, I think costume Kadilen is your best bet for green. I know MN and LotL are special heroes, but cKadilen is probably your best bet.

I’m thinking that could be good actually, her special is just such low damage. Giving her emblems over Noor is an easy decision and that would give Krampus the next sorcerer emblems which would give me good AOE raid/war damage protection for OP heroes like Frigg/Odin/Findlay/Ninjas. The 5% minion bonus is not that great to pursue for MN. She is great, but Heimdall does lower my need for another 5* healer

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