Krampus(20) vs Garnet(7)

Should i stripp off 20 emblem from KRAMPUS(20) and give it to GARNET(7)…???

Please let me know how’s your experience with both the heros on offense & defense !!!

Thank you😊

Have both and like both. I also use both and have Krampus at +20 and Garnet at +10. I had Krampus first. I would redo it if I could without cost since I use Garnet more often.

Most people would prefer Garnet but it depends your other heroes and play style. In particular if you have other Ninja, the synergy of family bonus is great.

Happy gaming

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Im an offensive player… For regular offensive raids as a healer i take heimdall (resurrect+overheal) i dont have other ninja but want garnet in defense coz she blocks status effects thats very usefull… So in big dilemma

I don’t think its good idea to strip really good 5* from emblems and Krampus is really good, I would leave him as he is and emblem Garnet with new emblems

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Keep it on Krampus as he is better than Garnet on offense


It is interesting to see how people think about this two hero that who deserve sorcerer emblem more. So, I create this poll for you.

  • Krampus
  • Garnet

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Thank u for poll and currently both are best right now in that class lets see who wins☺️

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Difficult to compare to great heroes, at the end a question of play style and taste.

On the other hand, Garnet n a few months you have emblems for both of them.

Happy gaming

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Both are top heroes in defense and offense. Leave the emblems with Krampus and give all to Garnet from now on.

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Thank u for good suggestions folks​:blush::blush: ill consider this

I find such blanket questions stupid, as the answer usually differs for each player.

To be really helpful, we would need much more info on other heroes you have, your playstyle, your alliance rules for wars etc.

If you are using Krampus on your defense team, leave your emblems there.

Otherwise, put them on Garnet, who is outstanding for raid/war attacks.

I think Krampus deserve sorcerer emblem more because he need to be tough (because his skill is taunt). On the other hand, Garnet is use able at +7. She can use her skill any times when she is about to die. So, I vote for Krampus.

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