Dilemma with emblems

Hello All:) At the beginning wish you all Happy New Year :). I have dillema with emblems. I have 1600 emblems and costumed Krampus and costumed Lady of the Lake they are both sorcers. I dont know who should get full emblems or maybe I should divide they ? Any idea ?

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If LotL isn’t your war tank I would emblem Krampus first because he need to be as tanky as possible to take all those hits and survive.


Krampus first I would say. He’s amazing and will be more useful in multiple situations than LOTL.

Krampus all day…. LotL is great in rush bust Krampus fits everywhere… follow the best path for his costume as that is even better!

re share emblems between vs. emblem only one, do you use either on your defense?

if yes, I would focus on that one

if you use both on offense, splitting could be a good idea depending on how competitive you are and where you use them… I have many 5* at +7 emblems, though a lot of that is because I go mono so I need 5 heroes per color who are good… so depending on your offensive style it might be better to emblem only one before doing the other


I’d do Krampus first, he’s good in any format as well as on offense or defense. I’d personally follow the path of his costume.

I would max Krampus first, then build up LotL slowly. But as several have said, it depends on what you use on your defense.

Whichever hero you rely on the most is the one to emblem. Emblem equally only if you rely on both equally. The emblems will come to work on the other later.

I’m unsure if this would be the first time you’re embleming any 5* Wizards…if so I would offer the following advice.
If you Emblem Krampus C to node 15 this will cost you 975 emblems. With this you will max the potential to trigger Evade as well as give you the option to grab the mana node which will allow you to charge Krampus C in 9 tiles with a level 11 mana troop (I believe I calculated this right, if someone wouldn’t mind verifying as I would hate to give incorrect info) - Average speed heroes need a 12% mana increase to move from 10 to 9 tiles to charge. The maxed C gives 1% & the Emblem node gives 2%. So a mana troop would need to give 8%. A level 5 gives 7%, while level 8 gives 9%…thus the level 11 is needed.
This leaves you 625 emblems left to take LotL C to node 9 (570 emblem cost, with node 10 one of the more expensive, costing 125).
This is obviously my personal opinion, and I understand that not everyone has the same play style. There is no right or wrong way to go. I just thought I’d throw out another view :nerd_face:

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Unfortunately I dont have blue mana troops :confused: (wakizashi ninja 17lv are my blue, the other troops are mana on 18/19 lv). And my tank at this moment is Freya on 85lv +15 emblemed.

I’m sorry, that was inconsiderate of me to not preface the mana troop consideration with it depending on if you had a blue mana troop. That is awesome that you have the other 4, and I wish you all the best luck to obtain one the next time you pull for troops! Side note, whatever Ice attacker you use with that Ninja Troop must hit freaking hard :nerd_face:.
Whenever you do take Krampus C to node 8 (mana node) and beyond, I would still choose the mana increase being that you will get the defense increase by going that route (mana & defense vs. health & attack) and it will be nice to have when your luck turns and you grab that Ice mana troop.
Taking the mana troop out of consideration I would personally still recommend this path forward for embleming these two heroes, as long as you use/will use both regularly. If you will be using one much more, then I would say go all in on that one. Again, this is just all my personal opinion.

My defense team atm is C. Alberich, Wolfgang, Freya, Alice and C. Gravemaker. Offensive team which I use often is C. Alberich, Wolfgang, Hel, Alice and Gravemaker (basic version).

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