Krampus or garnet?

Hey guys I have krampus at 20+ in my def team I’ve been waiting an eternity for the rings to max garnet one left but my question is do I strip krampus of his emblems for garnet and have her in def instead? I can only max emblem one of them unfortunately my current def team is mother North francine alfrike gravey and krampus (I also have onyx maxed +19 emblems so could have both ninjas on def) thanks guys :smiley:

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Garnet is “bettet” in overall perspektiv, my opinion.

I have both but I have Krampus at max for gaining extra mana. The rest is on Garnet. She is healer and very fast at first tire so she can still survive.
If you aim to use Garnet as your tank, it may be more important to spend emblems on here.

Happy gaming

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I have neither but I have more trouble with Garnet on defense if that’s your top concern. Great heroes!

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Have both, stripped +19 Kramp for Garnet. She is +18 right now and I am happy with that decision. Nasty ninjas!

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Garnet all the way.

Krampus is good on defense only, and even there you can easily form a comparable defense using just different blue and other ‘tanky’ hero. Meanwhile, Garnet is great all around. Easily one of the best supports in the game, offensively and defensively.

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Thanks for all the answers guys huge help :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Krampus good on defense only? I think he is better in offense.


I Agree with you. Krampus on offense is a beast with some heroes. I use krampus with mica to share damage and never die.

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Krampus is awesome in offense! I love him. But Garnet is the best i think

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I do love krampis on offense he’s great! But I think I’m definitely swayed for garnet to have the emblems :grin:

To each their own playstyle I guess, but from my experience playing Krampus in offense he rarely was the reason to win the match really.

Either the match was already won when he was ready to fire or it was in such terrible state him firing had little impact on the outcome.

Meanwhile, Garnet literally IS the reason why you win the match.

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