LotL, Almur, C Kiril or C Kash

Thoughts on who to give sorcerer emblems to?

I have Almur+7 but I haven’t used him even once.
We generally face 4600-4700 war teams and mostly do not use 4*.

Im leaning towards stripping Almur and start LotL. Is there any reason I should continue to class one of the 4* instead?

Kiril+C and Kashhrek+C will use Wizard emblems though, so your alternatives will be less.
Lady of the Lake is not a bad choice either, she is very powerful and very helpful in green-stack attacking team.


I really think you should try your Almur.

I have him maxed in all three accounts and when I’m stacking green (I usually go 2+3) Almur is always there, no question asked and with every acco it’s fully levelled 5* he has replaced.

I don’t put emblems to 4*s anymore but he can work without too.

If you have good high levelled green mana troop and are able to reach mana node with your LotL to make her faster, then do so.


Haha, ok I confess I haven’t used C Kiril or C Kashrek either.

So basically between Almur and LotL.
I think Almur would only be used for 4* tournaments.

Not enough to give emblems to.

Have you tried Almur against blue titans? I think he could boost your damage there.
If you really don’t use him go for LotL

@Rapisu @NotVixx yes I have Eve so Almur isn’t really used.

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If you have a maxed eve, all the emblems should go to the lady.


I have 2 Eves and only one maxed and emblemed while the other is stuck at 3/70, hesitating to spend tonics on her. That is why I am wanting 2 copies of Almur but he still has eluded me. They would be maxed and emblemed and would assist my 2nd and 3rd monogreen teams in wars. I would suggest having those emblems be shared between LoTL and Almur. I don’t have those two though. Just my 2 cents.

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@Ultra I am in the same dilemma and was glad to get some Almurs.

Greens are tricky in wars when 90% of opponents defenses have GM but I’ll test almur some more.

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Good for you. I want 2 copies of him. Badly. Even if I am sitting on 13 tonics now, I am better using them at other heroes, preferably Zeline or LoTL or MN or Heimdall or Frigg or Kadilen (only if I get her costume). I am still using my 3/70 Eve (my second as my first is maxed and lightly emblemed) and she is decent in wars, supported by a crit troop for survivability.

My plan was to emblem Almur for him to be tougher. Strange, I don’t fear GM much in raids and in wars nowadays even if GM is flanking a tanking Telly and using any of my 2 monogreen teams. Maybe because Albe is there serving as a safety net in case I failed to manipulate opening bad boards or that my 2 Hansels are there to mess up the mana of all enemy heroes trying to cast their skills. But I usually snipe GM after his defense (both regular and elemental) are debuffed by Eve and Buddy.

LotL is a great, versatile hero. Without Telly or Heimdall, she is my tank and does better on defense than Kunchen in the current meta. She is awesome to raid with, use on Emblem quests, Raid Tourneys, Challenges cause her minions just control mana so well.

On Raid Offense once you’ve kill off 2 of the opponents heroes, you can just keep ghosting green tiles and setting her off to generate more minions. Once you’ve gotten the opposing team down to two heroes, neither will ever gain mana before you kill them as long as you keep ghosting green tiles.

I had a horrible board towards the end of one raid where I just couldn’t get tiles for my snipers and only LotL kept the raid going with her mana killing minions so the opponent never fired until I could finally kill them off.

She’s fun, really shines farming S3, events and trials but I don’t use her for raids, wars and titans after I maxed Frigg.

Slow greens have a hard time with so many GMs.

So as much as I love the lady, I maxed Almur to anchor a second green stack for wars.

Thanks everyone for the input.