Top10 Alli has a spot

Outgrow your alliance?
Just a little bored?Want to fight 10* and go to war against top teams?
Shadow Warriors has one spot open for strong hitters that possess a sense of humor and love for the game.

Cup requirement negotiable.

Line id: xemuly

Two spots? May as well make it three and come over to Achilles :wink:

lol its now just one…goes fast :laughing:

we’re full now …:sweat_smile::laughing::laughing::laughing:

one spot available for hard hitter…come and enjoy new titans and great wars

and we ful again. thanks

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2 spots open for strong hitters

Only 1 spot available for a hard hitter


I am very interested in moving to a high level Alliance. I am a bit underpowered for your requirements currently but have only been playing for 43 days. I am a veteran of MANY of these types of games and know what it takes to be a member of a high rank team. I have abandoned ALL my other games having found E&P! In addition to my Team 1, I have a second team I am developing with three epic and two rare heroes with a power of 2055.
I am also generally a clown in chat and very much enjoy cutting up with team members.
Keep me in mind!

Hey thx for your interesr right now we’re full again but if you like get in contact with our leader xem (line id above) in future case

Right now we’re looking for one heavy hitter. Come and join our family …we’re rockin the top

One Spot open…if you like to compete with the top

Done.Full again. Always interested in good heavy hitters. Get in contact on line if you like

Up for a alliance change

3563 team at the moment (evolving Azlam)

Average War score - 400+

Average Titan attack - 25k +

Highest Titan Damage - 71k

Let me know if you want my team and how to join your rooster

Hey thx but no offense you need to get stronger otherwise its not fun for you right now. The competion is high. Your TS should be 4000.
If it is ok we keep you in mind.

i don’t mind the competition and i’m eager to evolve.

Can’t get a stronger team without 5* heroes but i’m not gonna pay to win…i’m a free to play kinda guy :smiley:

I apreciate if you do keep me in a list and if you wanna get a update from my team in a couple of weeks i’ll do it :wink:

Heya sounds good thx for it we keep you on that list…any questions do write xemuly on line

One more hard hitter is needed. If you’re interest in battle with the best…fighting 11-12 titans …then we have a spot…

Spot for a good hard hitter. TS 4000 and above…deep bench would be nice…are you fit enough

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