We need 3 to hit the top 100! Treadmill Heroes United

Hi All,

We are looking for people to join our family.
We don’t recruit often so this gives us the opportunity to look for new blood.

We have only lost 2 Alliance War matches
We fight 8/10* titans
We are not bothered about cups but daily Titan participation is a must.

Any questions ask away!

Bumping this for my new team members

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Still looking for 2… you wont regret joining.

Still looking for 2 people. We are a solid team and looking for someone to join long term. We want to grow together.

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Come on active players!
We have 3 spots open for anyone who is largely involved and committed to the game.
Even with 27 members we keep defeating 8 and 9* titans and we are on a 9-3 win-loss on AW. It’s getting hard to face strong alliances with less 3 members so we are hoping you give us a chance and come have fun

Ladies and Gents,
Even with 27 players we are taking 8/9* titans. With 3 more actives we will rule the world!

If you have two spots, me and the Mrs are interested in getting into a new clan.

Just so you’re aware though, she’s level 22 and I’m level 20, and we are both (mostly) F2P players.

We always hit the Titan, but our max power is around 2200-2300 so not sure if that’s enough for ya or not.


Hi @Duaneski, thanks for showing interest. I have had a chat with the council and at the moment we feel you’re a bit low in team power. We are pushing the top 100 and doing very well in alliance war and need teams of approx 3500.

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We have 3 slots open! And still taking 8/9* titans.
We are looking for player to join us long term with team power of approx 3500.
We are full of knowledge and love be to help.

Ladies and gents we are fighting top 100 teams in AW which means we are close… we fight and defeat 8/9* titans with 27 people.

It might be helpful to include the name of your alliance… :wink:

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Hahaha I thought the same thing just now.

Treadmill Heroes United. Get searching

Hi Duaneski,

We have a had a restructure, we have had people leave and got rid of some as we want a group of active daily players who will grow within the team.

If you’re still interested. Let me know.

@Rook hi, can you please close this thread :slight_smile: thanks

Sure thing. Good luck with your alliance!