Treadmill Heroes United need 1 more heavy hitter

Please see the final post

Requirements? Titan stars?

We have a requirement of 1000 cups to join but the more the better.

We were killing 8/9* but we since lost 7 people in a big clear out. @kahree

Still looking for people! Help us grow

Up up up!
Still looking for player to develop, only thing we ask is you are active enough to hit titans and wars!

Am looking for a new alliance for my alt acct…very active player…after looking at your alliance, I would fall on the lower-power side…my main team is 3100+ but have a fully leveled Wu to help titan scores…my handle is FakePresident…lemme know if ur interested…

We don’t mind players growing… as long as titans are hit and war hits are used we will take you.

Sounds good…thats my main complaint with my current alliance…lack of participation.

We have 28 and 90% of the time we have 28 hitters. Most above 2000 cups some below but loyal and will grow.

We need 1 more loyal player.
We have a lot of players over 2000 cups and a lot over 3500 team power.
We just require someone that hits daily and can hold their own.