Spots .Flying Kiwi Rangers

4 spots 2000 cups up .daily players only.Helpful friendly .sitting on 7 titans touching 8s .4 spots will make this happen.daily only .titan hits a alliance.freindly.

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any sydney guys here ?- bunny fans ?

Not sure few kiwis couple Aussies rest from all over the place .I’m warriors .

after this war win or loose i finaly get to open up the loots for war chest then i will beep you
im keen cups about 1712 changes hourly im dark knight in darkness dreams ill beep you over next couple days
they are a great group but hopless with war direction
my titan dammages changes about average 12000 pending titan
best titan hit is 20846

prefer something with our time zone to :smiley:

Yeah time zone helps .We kicked 2 absentees today so pretty much have 26 daily players .Few new ones .90 % fight in wars the rest have removed themselves from wars so no dead wood in wars .We’re running about 60/40since war changes…teams levelling up fast . And pretty much everyone hits titans .time zones work etc means the odd person misses one every now and then and we don’t complain as life first .I’m on several times a day .Formed from old dead alliance .started with 10-12 and had couple poached .but getting way stronger now and as I said all keen .had a few start at 0 lvl .lowest is 350 then jumps to 1300 and above.Team improving all the time .

By the way .we use war strategies and chat about it .Simple ones and experimenting too.but can’t tell you until you join ;)24 of 26 fight in war

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Still hunting 4 daily players. At a loose end in a dead alliance come join us.youll be welcomed .2000 cups trophies …but if your lower than this and a keen daily post in here and we can change the entry lvl.A few players started at 0 in our team lowest is 350 then jumped to roughly 1300 and above

Darklion pop over to our alliance and have a looksee .you can always head back to yours if your not keen but picking you’ll stay .about to move to 8s in titans too :slight_smile: just won last war against much stronger team

3 spots only left now

Now only 2 spots so get in fast on a great team

1 spot left filling fast

2 spots 2000 trophies 1 more inactive removed we are on 8 rare rooster dragon so couple big hitters needed to help team out. But really anyone who’s daily .post up if lower than 2000 and we can drop the lvl

1 spot 2200 trophies will sit you in top 15 .We would love someone who has 6 good teams for wars. We have just dropped back to 7s after just missing out on our 3rd 8 star titan.So would ideally like someone to help push through 8s .Our team is levelling up fast . Chatty helpful share info tactics etc… discord channel .Half the team is in Pacific time zone .the rest world wide .On a personal note my highest ranking has been 265 world ,3nz but at this level you know that can change in a few hours. So if your freindly helpful come join us, open alliance so if your keen just join .
Everyone is co-leaders so everyone has a say and is valued. The reason we do this ,Is our must hit Titan rule 2 misses in a row 1 demotion spot and so on until kicked ,1 week of hits gains a spot back .
So if you like the sound of this come make yourself welcome !
Changed to 2000 trophies come join us

3 spots just had two players leave the game completely due to latest update game has change too much since it started so now trophies at 1600 3 sppts

[#f9ffa6]Flying Kiwi Rangers. Have [#eafbb7]freed up 2 inactive spots [#dbf8c9]so 2spots .1600 cups up .h[#ccf5da]itting 7s pushing 8s. Have[#bef2ec] hit a 9. 24 out of 26 fig[#afeffe]ht in wars you can opt out[#bee1f7] of wars only.but most don[#ced3f0]t.friendly helpfull allian[#dec5e8]ce. Come help us help you.[#edb7e1]daily players only please.[#fda9d9]

2 spots kicked 2 inactive players