House of Pain needs to fill one spot - ez going experienced players (full)

Very easy going alliance with no drama. Only rule is hit titans. 3 misses without notice and you get the boot. Minimum cups 1800. Also must be active in alliance wars, we enjoy that aspect too!

Lots of experienced players and good advice for the game.


(and this is older info now in original post, with the new update on raid loot tiers, fewer of our members are dropping cups for now.)

We still need another strong titan hitter for our alliance. one of our members (me) had an extra account to fill the spot for a few days, but need a full time active player! we knocked out our last 2 9* titans and have another one that just dropped, so now is the time to get in!

several strong members that can field teams >4,000 in strength, and original alliance now over a year old, with the bulk of our group having been together over 9 months.

and I think we can even relax the no socks in bed rule now… :wink:

Still need one, or can take 2 if necessary. Have an opening now, and I am looking to remove my third account as well…2 is plenty!

Consistently take down 8* titans and normally can get most 9*’s if everyone hits.

still looking - need to fill 2 spots. Top 70ish alliance when members aren’t dropping cups. Thanks!

looking forward to the new update…and adding some new members! :wink:

Filled one spot and need to fill our another opening - currently sitting right on the edge of the top 100 in alliance rankings in hopes of being part of first round of Alliance Wars! Need a strong player to fill in and help keep our ranking high!! just finished off a 9* titan, will have another dropping soon…get in now if looking as forward to AW as we are!!

We are full again for now - thanks!

Jes! It’s Chris from your alliance. I lost my phone with my picture of my ID number last week and have had a request in to small giant for days now, to see if they can look up my account and send it to me for my new phone. Hope you haven’t already kicked me from the alliance, but I understand if you don’t want my inactive account bringing you down. I just remembered to create this forum account so I can contact you. Hopefully small giant can help me out soon. Sorry man!


Thanks for finding me! No we actually haven’t booted you and I’ll be sure to let AA know.

Sadly I’m in the same boat as you with my Jes account. I accidentally overrode it with my “socks” account due to not knowing how to use Game Center properly on my games. So I’ve been down a few days on that account as well now.

Really sucks - hope we’re both back up soon now that Easter holiday has passed.


I don’t wear socks to bed in facial I go commando lol
Love ya

Darn it! I’ve been so pissed that I’ve been missing out on everything, especially all the bonus stuff through the Easter holiday. Really glad I got a hold of you, wasn’t sure if you’d see this since you haven’t been logged on for over a month. I hope to be up and running soon. Thanks man

Odd that it would indicate that, because I normally login weekly at least. But these replies come straight to my email so I definitely get them.


Hey man, get the Line app, then search our alliance name and join that discussion group versus continuing on this thread on the forum.

search HouseofPain - AA should be on the lookout to let you in, or search him. AAOverlord

good luck!

What/where is the line app?

Search “Line” in your App Store for your phone. It’s a group text app where can post info more easily and save chat history. The app icon should be green and white.

Bumping this back up - we have an opening again.