Tools for identifying 3 and 4 star heroes combinations

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I am relatively new player (3 months) and in the learning phase. I have some good 3 star and 4 star heroes that have been maxed and in the process of maximising. I would like to understand the tips of making best heroes combinations and rainbows.

Are there any tools, website, excel sheet available to decide on the 3 and 4 star heroes combination? Any tips and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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Standar combination will be:

  1. Def down enemies
  2. Attack up allies
  3. Hit-all or hit-3, or with shared damage
  4. Heal

Practice slowly from rainbow team into 2-1-1-1, 2-2-1, 3-2, 4-1, and mono teams.
With stacking color, the big advantadge is:

  • focus on less color tiles,
  • the tiles resulting very big damage
  • and so on and so on…

Why Mono? —A complete answer

EDIT: you can also use for organize level plan, teams for trial, etc…
Here is heroplan thread: - Tool for tracking your profile’s progress, sharing it & to Plan your Hero Use for Class Trials, Challenge Events, Wars, Tavern of Legends Titans AND MORE!


Hello @bip and a Merry Christmas to you :grinning:.

There is a hero grading chart which suggests which heros are preferred over others

As for the lineup of your heros, you can copy/paste your roster on here and someone can give their opinion (and it is their opinion, not the Ten Commandments), or alternatively, try mixing and matching whatever you have and farm low map levels to get a feel for them.

Remember, the most fun you’ll ever have in Empire’s is learning what the cards do. Getting advice is all well and good, but it will take a lot of the joy from the game if you just follow what others tell you.

Apart than that, I wish you good luck and happy gaming.


Here are my heroes. Currently I am using these combinations:

Bane - BT - Grimm - Bjorn - Grevele (for raid)
Hawkmoon- Berden- Grimm- Bane - Bjorn (for defense)
Grevele- Scarlett- Grimm- Bjorn - Kvasir (for season 2)

Please suggest if these are the good combinations and give tips for the best combinations as per my heroes below. Thanks a lot.

This may be helpful:

Building 3* Teams for Challenge Events — Empires and Puzzles Books - YouTube


After you finish BT n Grimm, I suggest doing Almur and Mist. Almur will go well with your maxed greens in 3:2 teams, Mist will rock you a team with Bane n Kvasir.

You got some good heroes there. With Valhalla heroes keep in mind the family bonuses. Mist will go well w/ Brynghild.

Rigard and cTibertus are solid heroes also.

If you want def down on each team, there is Buddy, the green dude, he is awesome, just dont place him on the wing. Tibertus is ok, Grimms you could level both. But, level one team to five maxes heroes, before leveling 30 heroes at once. By the time you get to leveling second Rigard (purple healer), you might choose Sabina for her dispell.

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