Why Mono? —A complete answer

I find there is often assumptions as to what it means to attack with mono and they often unnecessarily discount the viability of this attack strategy. This video was produced to give a fuller, more complete look at attacking mono.

EDITED: Adding in previous counterpoint video “Say No To Mono”


Very well explained, @JEKYLANDHYDE !! I was planning to make a guide on how mono attack strategy is to be done. But your video presentation is more than enough. However, you missed one or two important matters that needs further illumination.

Nevertheless, I believe it already suffices well why mono is a chosen attack strategy of some players.

Well done !!



Nice video, will check the say no to mono out aswell. My troops do lack on my mono teams.
But I do have the synergy with them my dark is a bit weak. But I do alright

I do think playing diffrent styles does help you eventually getting to play mono, as it gets you to work the board in your favour by eliminating different colours from the board, from going to 2,2,1 - 3,1,1 - 3,2 - 4-,1 etc that kinda helped me sure I’m not a master at it, it’s just practice.


Should make the video dude. Be good too see diffrent peoples views n ideas on it.


Interesting video.

I’d like going mono with guarantees in all colours, but I’ve got a lack of power both in green and yellow.

That’s why I use purple/ blue mono even if the tank isn’t yellow/ red.


Nice video explanation.

In essence, in terms of tile dmg, the whole is more than the sum of the parts when you use mono. This, along with the advantage of high post-mortem tile dmg like you mentioned, allows one to take down players with much stronger defenses.

In war, I typically bring mono teams (with some 4* heroes) that are ~3600-4000 Total Power against defenses that are 4500-4700+ TP and have a decent win percentage. However, as I build my roster, I am gradually shifting some of my teams to 4-1.

I think that there is a balance between mana efficiency and probability of making matches in your color. In your case, because you have multiple leveled troops and team synergy, mono can work well with a decently high win percentage. However, I am not convinced that mono teams are superior to 4-1 in terms of long term win percentage. One would have to do an extensive statistical analysis with many set controls to make that conclusion (not saying that you made that conclusion).

In the example you gave at 14:45 in the video about mana inefficiency with 4-1, mana inefficiency is not a factor towards winning in that scenario. It’s not important to have the maximal mana efficiency in that case because the tile dmg of 4 greens is enough and you were also able to charge 4 specials at once which is enough to win the battle. If you were to bring a mono green against that defense and have only few green tiles on the board, there is a higher chance that you would’ve lost compared to if you had a bad board with 4-1. On a starting board with few green tiles in 4-1, you have a higher chance of making 3 yellow matches and firing Mist, which would slow down the defenders and give you a few more moves to work the board. You want to ideally have a balance between mana efficiency and probability of making matches of your color(s) to create the optimal win probability.

I think you did a good job in explaining how mono works well for you in the video.

Also, I would HIGHLY discourage using mono teams in rush attack wars.


Completely agree. I went with rainbow teams in the last rush war and it was very effective.

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If it works for you then it’s awesome and it’s all that matters. I use mono only in some quests and events, too much dependence on boards for me to be successful at raiding. I prefer 3/2 though i try to experiment from time to time.

Mono is not for me but good for you if you can work it :+1:t3:


I think you are unfair with your presentation of mana efficiency. The setup moves you make to be able to do 3 matches of your color would often charge your secondary color if you had brought 3-2 and you totally fail to take this into account.


Thanks for the feedback. Which important matters did I miss? Would love to hear your insights. Thank you.


This is precisely why I made this two statements:

“Again to keep the math simple, if ignore combinations, diamonds, and dragon shields, and we consider that it takes one move per match that is six moves for the 3/2 team to get to full mana compared three moves for the full mono.”

“Yes, factoring in combinations, diamonds, dragon shields, and cascades would alter this math, but that is true for both attack styles.”


I enjoyed the video. Thanks.


I noticed mono isn’t working for me in equalizer wars. Any thoughts?


Yeah there needs to be a very good synergy in.the mono you’re using a healer a support and then attackers, for me me its dark just don’t have the roster to do an effective mono in any other color (besides red i can get away with using BT costume) but takes patience and working not great boards but able to take a 4809 with a 3970 with C rigard C tiburtus Cyprian (to let the enemies kill themselves while i recharge the rest) C dom proteus . Gives me mana control riposte a strong healer and able to cover all enemies in poison, although I have KA i don’t have blue healer which Is essential in a mono, but love this explanation good work @JekylandHyde



Awesome video.

Mono points

It covers most of the important points of mono.

To my knowledge, it is only missing more advanced points like

5*+20 solo tanks ( especially Paladins ),

5*+20 dual tanks ( Coming Soon? raid formations need work and may not be possible with SGG 5* HotM business model ).

attack stat soft cap ( hampered by @Garanwyn @Kerridoc leaving the game ) and

fast mana speed meta game ( a simplified version in discussed in mana efficiency and the forum trope all things being equal, slow mana speed sucks ).


Click for rant

I was amazed at how well each point was explained.

And how each point shows the entire game is biased to merciless RNG summons, merciless RNG 4* ascension items, past 5* HotM, and the occasional limited time hero.

Empires is even more Pay 2 Win than I previously thought. Not directed at the OP ( awesome roster and video ) but even more evidence that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer when it comes to 4* ascension items, and emblems.

Thank you for making me feel even better about abandoning gatcha driven freemium games.


Click for notes

Stat curves

([Stats, Curves] 5*+20, attack stat soft cap, general game design soft cap, hard cap and overwriting buffs [Math])

Raid formations

(🧪 Early Information on Raid formations [Part of The Beta Beat v31])



It’s more the 3 turns that will effect you.
1 - offense cast special skills
2 - offense makes a move with tiles
3 - war equalizer removes all status effect
4 - defense cast special skills
5 - defense makes slash attacks

You either have to wait as your hero’s ready to fire or use before hand in mono.


Excellent video, I’ve always used 3/2 but after seeing this I will definitely be trying mono.
Very clear and precise imo


Great video. Very logically spelled out.

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Equalizer war is all about timing. Maybe your teams are a bit reliant on status effects? Could just be a fluke since we’ve only had like 2-3 equalizer wars so far so low sample size.

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Most people think mono is about luck and brute power. Truth is, mono play is the most demanding when it comes to board skills. Bringing the few strong tiles togather so you make the most of them while not setting off off-color cascades to charge the enemy and at the same time triggering the right foe at the right time takes great finesse. Working the board for a mono team is a lot more difficult than doing the same for a rainbow team where any combo will do damage and xharge mana to someone.


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