Best synergy for teams

I’ve been playing for awhile now but I’d like some advice on synergy between my heroes.

Just looking for team ideas for wars and titans and maybe the odd 3* tourneys.

I like to build based on the team Im attacking. To counter their specials the best I can. However, as a general rule, I do like to bring a healer, a cleanse/purge, a defense down, and some good dps. Those will always be staples in this game. Stacking colors in offense is useful, it looks like you can run a few 2-2-1 teams pretty well.

A lot of stnergy will come when you get multiple heroes to charge with the same number of tiles. Between mana troops, costumes, and mana nodes or buffs, getting say, Grimm and Richard to both fire on 9 tiles would really pump them up as a pair, but together they currebtly fire in 10, which is still the same time.

You really need to get Kalo maxed out, he’s great everywhere.

For a 3 star team, you have a good base, definitely finish Poppy.

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Pick a hero, then max it, then emblem it, hard to think about synergies when you don´t even have maxed heroes…

Assuming they were all maxed, still not much to play with in terms of synergies, maybe: Boldtusk, Gormek and Scarlet or Colen could be a decent damage stack.
If you max Richard I´d also max Grimm, so Richard can deal more damage together with Sonya could be another damage stack. Add Melendor and Rigard and you have an OK 3-1-1 Or you could make it 3-2 with Kiril-Grimm-Richard and Elkanen+Melendor
You can make another team around counterattack with Cyprian, I like to play those 2-2-1 sometimes. So Cyprian+Rigard then Balbar+Melendor and a third healer in a third colour. Make sure to hit teams that consist of mainly hitters, you don´t have the firepower to take down healers with such a team.

Just some ideas… really I would suggest you do just that pick a team (or maybe 2 or 3) out of those heroes and then max those heroes and ignore the rest. Try and include heroes of all 5 colours, so you can feed on-colour to speed up the process.


Thanks for all the advice! I appreciate it. It’s helpful to figure out which heroes to focus on lvling up.