Too many red pulls lately. Need help on which to level up!

Hey everyone! I am getting too many red pulls and now I have Boldtusk along with Azlar. Should I stop leveling Gormek and start on Boldtusk??

Give Boldtusk all the 1* red heroes only, and give the rest of your red feeders to Gormek.


I’d finish Gormek before moving on to the next, it makes no sense to leave heroes halfway.

That said, I recommend Gormek BT, Azlar (if you have the mats, if not, he goes last), Scarlett, and, Colen if you still end up with spare hidden blades, or if you don’t get a better hero along the way.

Colen is not bad, but if you already have Azlar you won’t be using him much.


I would do this:

  1. Finish Gormek
  2. Boldtusk
  3. Finish Scarlett
  4. 3/70 Azlar (4/80 when you can)
  5. Ascend Colen (War depth/tourneys he will be awesome)

Thanks everyone! This is really helpful. I will finish off Gormek and start working on BT

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