Need advice for my red team - who should be maxed next?

Hi all.

I need some advice here. As my current red team, who should be level up next. I have 10 rings and 7 daggers. I just want to level up 1 red hero for now and thinking of 2 options.

  1. max one of my 5-star. might be Vanda
  2. max one of my 4-star. but still not sure which one to pick. need some opinion from you guys.

red team


A battlefield tested winning formula. Best of luck.

I would probably max Vanda right now


Wanda’s great, protecting against sofisticated special skills, but at lower levels her total lack of offensive power is a great disadvantage. Tough call… Azlar hitting power, Elena’s riposte or Wanda’s usefulness…

Vanda’s status effects prevention and foe’s healing’s prevention wins the competition to me.

In my honest opinion, I would go with a 5* and max out Vanda first. You won’t be disappointed.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Seems like Vanda is the one. How about 4-star or 2/60 5-star? which one should get a set of hidden blade after Vanda?

Vanda 1st

20 char…

Vanda no doubts. 20 characters.

Vanda for sure. C Azlar is great but Vanda’s speed will be more useful at this point.

I’m actually gonna go against the grain here and say OP should put some more work into their 4* bench before moving on to 5*. For the cost of cAzlar and cKhagan, OP could’ve maxed Gormek and Scarlett, two extremely useful 4* that IMO are far more useful than either of the aforementioned 5* at 3/70.

So I’m gonna say work on either Gormek or Scarlett first depending on who you like better. Yes you have Wilbur but the spirit link can often get in the way because it turns snipers into weak AoE hitters, whereas Gormek doesn’t have that problem.

For 4*, I use Scarlett against green titans. Emblemed to 20 she hits as hard or harder than most 5* for tile damage. And Gormek also makes a solid tank for 4* tourneys, especially no blue, with his ridiculously high health.

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