Gormek, Sumitomo, Colen, or Elena?

I just got Marjana to 3^70 and am about to move on to leveling another Red. Which one should I work on next? Gormek, Sumitomo, Colen or Elena? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

My current maxed out Red squad: Boldtusk, Wilbur, Scarlett, Namahage, Jahangir, and Azar.

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Ascend Marjana first.

If she’s stuck though I would work on Gormek for wars

Gormek’s ramming pulverizer causes nice damage and reduces enemy defenses. He’s more useful than Sumitomo, and faster than Colen, and you can get him leveled all the way up, unlike Elena, or apparently Marjana.

I can get Marjana to the next level but I only have enough mystic rings to get one 5* red to max. I wasn’t sure if I should use them on Marjana or wait for Elena.

That’s a solid group of red’s. What other significant heroes of other colors do you have levelled up? That would help with advice as far as giving rings to Marjana or Elena. Otherwise, I’d echo the others in focusing on Gormek for now

Marjana isn’t a waste of rings by a long run. Elena isn’t bad but given the choice between them I’m leaning Marjana hard. But you may but need a hard hitting sniper with the added burn for 6 turns?
Elena is not bad by any means but when raiding I’m not as concerned with Elena getting her special off as I am if Marjana does. Considering Elena is Slow while Marjana is Fast and meta wise the faster the better (unless your in a rush attack tourney).

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My other heroes I have maxed or almost maxed are:

Blue Squad - Kiril, Triton, Grimm, Sonya, Capt of Diamonds, Valen, Gato

Yellow Squad - Wu Kong, Poseidon, Justice, Chao, Melia, Bane

Purple Squad - Ameonna, Kageburado, Sabina, and am working on Khiona and have Domitia and Sartana waiting next too.

Green Squad - Evelyn, The Hatter, Peter’s, Berden, Mnesseus. Gonna work on Morgan La Fay and Elkanen next.

Gormek is a solid choice like some have already said, and I don’t disagree with that, but… since you already have Wilbur maxed, if I was in your shoes I would max Colen next. They make a great pair, a Wilbur + Colen combo will inflict beautiful carnage… and they should be especially nice in Rush Attack, or Attack Boost tourneys if you take part in those (and maybe even Bloody Battle ones as Wilbur gives nice protection with the damage sharing).

I love Elena too, but since you’ll have to choose whether to give rings to her, or Marjana, I would generally recommend giving rings to Marjana first as she’s more universally useful. And Sumi is just kind of underwhelming in general.

My two cents.

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Very nice variety and selection. Seeing that, I’d probably actually start focusing on Elena. Her high tile damage will add nicely to a red stack with your current heroes. It will also give you a good AOE & counterattack to build your squads around. This could probably benefit you more than adding another sniper to the mix, considering you seem to have other solid options in that department (Poseidon, Kageburado, Sartana, Triton, etc). Especially since you don’t seem to have any other counterattacking heroes.

Just my two cents. I certainly think Marjana is a solid, if uninspiring sniper if you decide to go that route. Especially if you can load her up with some Rogue emblems.

Thanks everyone for the input. I think I’m gonna work on Marjana and Gormek and hope I get more rings quick for Elena. (I can dream lol)

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