Red heroes 4*/5*

A question on red heroes. I have 5 rings and 7 hidden daggers. I have Boldtusk and Gormek at 4/70

Red heroes I could do next are
Anzogh 3/70 (waiting for one ring)
Azlar 2/60
Sir Lancelot 3/60
Colen 3/60
Scarlett 3/60
Sumitomo 3/60

Other strong heroes on roster Magni 4/80, Domitia 4/80, Justice 3/70, Proteus, Gafar, Wu Kong, Caedmon, Kiril, Sonya, Peters, Melendor Kashrek all maxed
Working on Kingston and Richard, Grimm, Chao and Quintus.

Any advice on who to do next in red. Feel like strong on defence (BT and Anzogh) but need a strong attacker! Open to any advice on who out of the lot above might get most use.


If you want a strong attacker that you can level now, I’d go with Scarlett.

She’s fast, hits multiple, and decreases enemy attack.

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