Tonics or save then for something else?

Like title says. Save them or use them on someone I already have? Here is my current green team and greens I can ascend. After all the tell bs, not sure I want to use them on it.

I’d probably pick Margaret. After her recent buff, heard lots of good feedback on her. And she has one of the highest base attack stats in the game. And I still find Telluria useable especially for her mana drop and minions. But I can understand the reluctance to take a chance on her. The devs certainly seem committed to moving the meta away from her.

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I’d say Telluria. Aince I dont see you have a green tank. She is still the best tank out there based on her defensive stats and her class. Her skills may have been nerfed, but no other tank is as effective as she in dealing minor damage to and delaying the mana of the enemy heroes, gives HoT and minions to allies.

Horghall, with or without costume, i wont spend tonics on him. Elkanen, i’d only max him if I get his costume. Margaret? Nah… even when after being made better due to her being recently buffed, she is still squishy and doesnt have other green heroes at VF mana.


Another vote for telluria, same reasons as circe

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Should have included my current roster. Not in need of a tank. Knight with 20 does just fine for me. Maybe I’m looking at replacing the 4a green on my mono team, but the guy I have in is decent and gives a extra green damage to enemies.


After her buff, margaret doesn’t seem horrible. Like her dodge special and now she gives a little bit of an attack which isn’t bad and she is very fast which is nice.

If these are the options, I’d do Margaret or wait.

Telluria is completely useless outside defence (I’d give her a C- as a support hero, she’s awful at it!), and she’s pretty beatable even on defence now too (I’ve been winning 90% when stacking blues against her!).


Telly still does great as a tank. But true, she doesn’t shine that much on offense anymore. So if you neither need a green tank for raids nor war, I’d pick Margaret. I am happy I ascended her. I gave her some emblems to make her less squishy and she serves me pretty well now.

She’s not completely ruined, but I think “great” is probably an exaggeration…

I’d say she’s probably the 4th or 5th hardest green tank to beat now?
Heimdall, Yunan, cKadilen (possibly also Frigg? Not fought enough to be sure!) cause more of a problem on bad boards or mediocre boards - and I can’t stack weak colour (blue) against them and still win a high percentage.

And none of those 3/4 are anywhere near as bad on offense.

(If I trusted SGG not to buff Telly again later to spite me, I’d eat her already - she’s that useless to me!)

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That’s a very good looking d-team

If you go with Telluria, only thing that would change is swapping Zeline out for her and putting BK on flank – he’s actually pretty good in that spot behind Telluria as he draws skills away from her.

But you would lose Zeline… hmm. Tough choice tbh.

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Honestly… I don’t think it’d gain enough to be worth maxing a hero that’s so useless at everything else.

Unless green war tanks were being demanded, it’d be a very easy choice for me.

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I didn’t like the last nerf but still have her as tank. While I think it is a bit easier to beat her now, I barely notice any difference with my own average cup count. I recently put in Drake+16 as flank instead of Onatel+18. That was much more noticable (positively) than any the Telly nerf.

And I don’t get why Heimdall is hyped as a tank so much. I find him still way easier to beat than Telly, even we goes off… which he does much less than Telly due to his slow mana. I barely fought against Frigg but when I had the feeling I could kill her with four stones only (playing 4-1). She might have a strong special, but seems to me not tanky enough. But also can’t be sure - same reason you said.

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She is terrible healer now, so, why using her in offence? (I using, but only because Lianna and Zocc waiting for feeders) I am pretty disappointed by last nerf. So, I will suggest Margaret for TS, to replace Kadilen. I think VFast is better than fast.

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I know where you’re coming from and up to a point I’m with you.

I’m also factoring in attacking team selection.

If you’re going to stack reds regardless then no tank survives long except on bad boards…

But Telly now has so little impact when she fires that stacking neutral or even weak (blue) doesn’t hold you back much, if at all - you can set up to beat the flanks without a care in the world about the tank.

This not only makes for a war tank that doesn’t stretch benches, but for a defence tank that can be attacked by a variety of different benches.

If I stack blues against cKadilen or Heimdall, I’ll lose almost every time… Against Telly, I’ll win 9/10 or more.

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How much you going to pull in the future and what green is available? There one at Halloween and g. Chameleon in teltoc would you level one of them? If not and If your using this hero just for offence I’d go Margaret.

Well I just checked and the only green hero I could use emblems on is elkanen. I would have 1400 emblems for him. I’m not stripping alice or Frida for the greens I have. I could have a green mono team with 5 heros with 18 or 19 emblems each.

Well I guess it’s Margaret, Telluria or wait.

Dodge might possibly be the most underrated special of all. And with good reason, in the past it always seemed that the ‘chance’ factor of dodge forever works against you and is impossible to time and build a strategy around it. However, recently I’ve been playing around with Costume LJ and been pleasantly surprised (also wondering if they tweaked dodge a bit but let’s keep that down low in case they did!!) So when it comes to Margaret’s dodge - I’d say test it around a bit at 3-70 and see if that’s something you would like to play around it.

What a maxed Marge would immediately add to your green stack is her huge tile attack. You already have some very good greens. If you are looking to build up a green offense mono, I’d try her instead of Kadilen (until you get C. Kadi).

If you don’t need a defensive green, maxing Telly isn’t going to help very much. These days I have more fun pairing her and Noor with Freya and watch those minions go beserk :joy: Fun factor but not game changing.

I’d think the game changing green to your current set up would probably be Tarlak. His attack buff to all and high tile attack stat would lift your green mono game in general across all kinds of offense - raid, war, map and Titans.

That’s who I would wait for. And meanwhile emblem up Almur to the max. Because he deserves those sorcerer tokens!

Good luck with whatever you decide. Whether you choose the strategy or fun route, enjoy the game :slight_smile:

Do not max Telluria. She is not a great tank. I’d honestly rate your Kadilen higher for a defensive tank. Telly is a tile dump that doesn’t provide any threat. Offensively she’s a mediocre healer. Margaret or nothing is my vote. I’d say nothing unless you have 11ish tonics.
I wish I could trade my maxed Telly for my tonics back.

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