Lady Locke or Telluria for Tonics

I have 6 tonics and I got Lady Locke.
My first thought was leveling up Telluria but now I have doubts.
This is my roster. Any suggest?

I would say Telluria, I find her very valuable and I bring her expecially when I have to face teams with Ariel.


Telluria is probably the better hero but you already have a green healer in Alby. Locke probably would work better in a 3 stack with Kingston and Alby.

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Any heroes that has the ability to change mana is a game changer


Lady Locke was my 1st 5* from over a year ago and she still has a spot on my raiding team. She is great against teams with Alby/MN wings, effectively taking them out on her own, leaving me to hit them with 2 or 3 tiles to finish the job. She is also quite effective for challenge events as those heroes often do not include cleansers. However… Telluria is fun to use and incredibly versatile :stuck_out_tongue:

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Both are great. All points above are great for both heroes but I would add in Lady Lockes case that her tile damage is awesome. Tile damage is as important as any other aspect of the game and would be something to consider.


Locke is an attacking cleanser… Worth their weight in gold.

Telluria is an A++ defence tank and a surprisingly useful attacker.

I’d lean towards Telluria, but would do both eventually (maxed my Telluria already and then pulled Locke who is next up)


You have alberich maxed for a solid green heal

I would max locke first

Especially with this heavy downpour of DoT heroes we’re experiencing, you’ll want that cleanse

Alberich Kingston locke will make a great trio if goin 3-2

If goin mono:

Alberich hansel kingston peters Locke is probly how I’d go, possibly swap peters for caed depending on the type of defense u face


I think it’s fair to say there’s no wrong answer here - you want both maxed, the only question is the order you do it in…


Thanks a lot.

Exactly BubblesUK…I want both maxed. :slight_smile:. The doubt is which one…I think I will work first with LL.


congrats on the pull btw… i’m sure you’ll enjoy both once they’re both maxed.


both will do you better than mok-arr. g wiz, you have two of him and atomos!

And two Margaretts :smiley:

dang, you could make the ultimate ironic team with 2 moks, 2 atoms, and 1 marg. if emblemmed, I’m sure your trophy count would stay above 2500, out of spite maybe.

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Mok-Arr - Margarett - Grimble - Atomos - Mok-Arr

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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My problem is worser.

I levelled Lady in the Lake whom I love dearly all the way to 4/52

Then I pulled no less than three Telluria, and one Lady Locke
I will be dead before I get to level them all
And what I really needed was a green tank…

It is only a couple weeks I didn’t even have a green mono. Now I got those above and also Kashrek and Peters.

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Melendor since you don’t seem to have one maxed or a Caedmon (or an Evelyn).

I realize that’s not your question, but I really feel you’d be better served by consolidating your leveling projects and finishing more of your open projects before moving on. So many of your heroes could be useful but probably aren’t right now (Little John, Peters, even Gadeirus, no reason to not have a Triton, you should finish Richard since he’s already past his last ascension, etc.).

And I’d probably max a Brynhild before Lady Locke or Telluria. It’ll be faster and less resource intensive.


Congrats nonetheless. Definitely finish LotL first.


Careful, Mok is a beast.

250% and more on holy at average speed has huge potential.

He’s an easy A grade attacker in purple stacks and a monster in a beserk + spirit link team (Wilbur or Aegir plus BK or Khiona).

He’s average on defence (mostly!) and takes a little thought in team building… Probably not the best first ascended five star if you have choices, but definitely worthwhile on a more developed bench.

I’m not crazy on Margaret.

Atomos can be okay but I’m in no rush.

Grimble is useful against the increasingly prevalent minion hero’s and he’s beefy, but he lacks a bit of punch.

Mok Arr is a monster - he’s misunderstood and massively underrated on these boards…
Those of us that have him maxed give him a lot of love, while those with him 1.1 or not on their benches at all tend to be the doubters - take that as you may, but I don’t know many players who maxed him and regretted it.

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