To pull or not to pull

So, I’m C2P, buying VIP, event and Atlantis offers. Sometimes more if I’ve got some money to spare. I was planning to reduce my pulls until season 3 comes out, but who know when that might be? (not a rhetorical question)

I have over 25 maxed 4* and 6 maxed 5*, so I think I’m at the stage where I need good 5* to progress (plus mats, of course).

Now, this time around all featured 5* during AR would be an asset to me, plus I’m still lacking Wilbur. I already did 10 single pulls on Friday mainly with coins, and didn’t get anything useful.

I wasn’t planning on doing anymore pulls, but I got a Damascus Blade from a regular monster chest and an orb from a raid chest. Should I try my luck and do a 10-pull or know better and be happy with my loot today and save the gems?

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Have you looked at other atlantis portals to see if one later might be more beneficial?

Would this 10x pull prevent u from pulling in one of those?


I’ve saved up about 8500 gems, so I could still do a 10-pull at Avalon and a 10-pull next AR without running out of gems completely. Plus, next month’s HotM seems incredible.

My main consideration is saving up for s3, though, and any additional spending now will limit my ability to pull when it comes around for the first time.

Dont know which heroes are meant to feature next AR, apart from Frida, which I was lucky enough to pull. I dont have any s2 5*, nor Zeline or Kunchen.

Personally i would prioritize atlantis over events(except guardians) and s3

The past hotm you already know are good heroes and will be more rare to try for than s3. Events the odds are absolutely awful and are truly a whale’s game, if i was c2p i wouldn’t spend gems on events except for guardians.

But that is just my 2 cents

Frida and Evelyn atlantis portals would be my priorities tho

Zel and kunch are nice too

So if it wont screw u out of pulls for next atlantis, try your luck. If you have to choose between this one or next, choose next.


Next month is Frida, Delilah, Ariel and Mok-arr if the pattern stays the same, The odds more likely you won’t get one of the featured 5* in a 10 pull but I think this month has a better pool of heroes than next month.

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Thanks for putting that link up. I completely agree with you in regards to trying to pull for elemental def-down heroes. Not sure if I have the self-control to wait till November for Evelyn though

It’s your money and gems

If you can spend before November but still pull in November then no harm done but i would try to have at least a 30x pull in the months of frida and evelyn if it was me

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I’ll skip next months since I already have Frida, but I’ll certainly be strategic strategic in November.

Thanks for your advice, highly appreciated

Sorry missed you already had frida

Only been playing 2 months. In for long haul. Also a C2P with some extra at times. How long am I looking at to get to your lvl of play? Thanks

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Unfortunately I don’t think Evelyn will be available at Atlantis for some time since she was very recently featured. I would hope to be wrong though considering she is a hero I want badly.

Edit: just saw the November piece. Ugh lol

next november is when she Should pop up

that’s If nothing changes when S3 rolls out, which could very well screw up the entire schedule as we know it

Welcome to the forum!

I’ve started playing January 2019. C2P pretty much from the start, but things progressed fast after I started reading the forum and becoming more strategic about my game play.

Have a look around on the forum here, you’ll find plenty helpful advice

In case anyone is interested. Ended up doing 2 10-pulls after I looked at the table @Rigs referred to above. Was lucky to pull an overall of 6 epics (all s1 dupes) and zeline on my last pull. Super stoked, she jumps the queue ahead of my other 6 unlevelled green 5*.


@SING Congratulations! Ive been playing exactly 1 year longer than you and Zeline was my first HOTM during her initial release. She is currently +12 with level 24 mana troops and I absolutely love her.

I know you will too. Happy hunting. :slight_smile:


Ugh I’m jealous lol almost makes me wanna do another pull but it would be a long time before i level her. Sooo focused on troops.

Glad you got her tho, congrats!!


Looking so forward to maxing her! Might be another 3 to 4 months if I can accumulate more tonics. Got shields to spare, but tonics avoid me


Happy troop-levelling an may RNGesus bless all of your future pulls

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