Help with event pulls

This this my lineup. I’m thinking to level all 4 and 5* I have… that’s all I got. It’ll be a while for Hel. But I’m saving gems for a10 pull. Is that the best way? I’ve read that single pulls work or best statistically speaking, but gem value wise, 10 pull is better. Also any suggestions on the best event to pull? I’m thinking Atlantis, where I pulled Hel and Wilbur on singles…(yes I rubbed my eyes a couple times, and think I’m lucky. ) I’ve only been playing for a couple months or so. I worry I’ve ascended since to soon, tho the ones I have seem to be good heroes that I won’t regret. Any advice on pulls or lineup?

Not much to add.

Just level your top 5 + Wilbur.

Hel is the best purple 5* in the game so thats nice.
Once you get more heroes you can ask again in the forum.

Mostly my question is about pulls to fill out my roster. Single pulls or 10? I almost have enough for a 10. Then which event is best? I’m thinking Atlantis? I’ve only been playing a couple months so don’t know how many/ best events to pull on.

Atlantis 10 pull is more expensive than regular 10 pull (Atlantis = 3000, vs any other = 2600). So just make sure you have enough gems.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to do Atlantis imo. You may get lucky and get one of the featured 5 stars, more realistically you may get another Atlantis 4 star. If not, oh well at least you may get some more Atlantis 3 stars for challenge events and raid tournaments (all Atlantis ones are good for those).

Don’t ever. ever. do single pulls.

the odds are NOT better and you end up spending more.

Atlantis has great heroes. If you have to pull, I’d pull during Atlantis. Don’t get mad if you get only 3* or season 1 heroes though. It happens.

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I think single pulls are worth when you’re just starting out and trying to get 3 stars. Other than that, yes, I agree with Peachy. Save up those gems and do 10x pulls.

Atlantis also has the option to do 30x pull but forget it… unless you’re a big spender, it takes way too long to save up gems for that

Don’t say never.

Single pulls are by far the most efficient when you first start the game. You can single pull the elemental portal in order to build your first rainbow 3* and then your first rainbow 4*. That’s far more efficient and useful then getting two extra random pulls IMO.

Once you have a rainbow 4* team then saving up for 10 pulls is the way to go.

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Luck is luck is LUCK.

Gotten good stuff from either so there is no difference in my opinion.
However, with single pulls you can stop whenever you succeeded in pulling the hero you want at a higher cost per pull.

10x pulls you have to go through the full motion at a lower cost per pull.

Just to clarify the comments you’ve gotten so far: the probability per pull is the same no matter which way you go. So you will get the same chances at various outcomes either way. The only difference between 10 single pulls and one 10-pull is the 10-pull costs less gems.


Random question since we are talking about pulls, is Hel not available this time around? I just didn’t see her in the pool of options.

On topic though, I don’t think it matters. I understand the idea of going one by one to save in the event you only need to do 5 to get what you want. Sometimes it doesn’t matter for sure. So from personal experience (once again my singular experience out of everyone that plays) it is really all about luck. So I play with friends, and they do singular pulls with usually no luck. I’ve done 10x pulls with astounding luck. On the flip side tho, because I’m considered the lucky one they asked my to do single pulls for them today and I pulled 3 five stars for the 3 accounts (Lianna, Magni and Sartana). I did a 10 pull when Atlantis featured, and all I got was a Hu Tao and 9 three stars. So literally all it comes down to is luck.

Every Atlantis gate has two older HoTM featured - last month it was Hel and Alberich, this month its Alasie and Toth-Amun.

You can see data of all to date featured older HoTM (and interesting speculation reg coming ones) here:

Yup it’s luck. I’ve had great luck too doing pulls; my husband has been terribly unlucky. We’ve done our pulls at the exact same time, and while I get four 5s on 40 pulls he got nil doing the very same.

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Thanks! I don’t know why but I thought Hel was coming up.

I got extremely lucky and pulled Hel on a single last time. This Atlantis I’m not sure yet, I’m almost too 3k gems, but are the featured heroes great? Poseidon looks great, and some ppl really rave about Alasie. What about Avalon? I’ve never seen that one. Good heroes there?

Yes, Poseidon, Ariel, and Alasie are all great heroes.

However, the 5 stars are very rare to get… so I wouldn’t have high hopes. The single pull to get Hel was lucky indeed… I’ve done it before too, in a single pull for Atlantis I got Mitsuko, and once again in Grimforest I got Red Hood in one pull. But that’s luck, it’s all it is.